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(Claire Ann Green)
15 March 34 is born in San Francisco, California, the daughter of a rich California rancher. Her mother’s maiden name is Daugherty.
? attends Miss Hartridge's School for Girls in New Jersey
? studies acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York
? is a Miami model
? is spotted on a television show by an agent who arranges for her to screen-test at MGM
51 marries TV talk show host George J. Florentine, a.k.a. George DeWitt, during George’s appearance at Ciro’s
May 52 expects her baby in September
July 52 is on her fourth McCall cover
October 53 columnist Walter Winchell writes: “Comic George DeWitt and his wife (former cover girl Claire Green) parted”
March 54 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: "Comedian George DeWitt and his wife, model Claire Green, have reconciled and are knitting tiny garments..."
c. 54 her son George Anthony "Jay" Florentine is born
September 54 columnist Walter Winchell tells that “the George DeWitts have parted. His new heart-interest is the Latin Quarter’s lovely Jean Tari...”
6 November 54 DeWitt’s 3-year-old son Nicholas Christopher dies after fighting for three days in an iron lung at Variety Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, the victim of a rare anesthetic hazard. Nicky had been bitten on the lip by Duke, a cocker spaniel owned by former featherweight champion Willie Pep. As doctors repaired the damage with 25 stitches, the child’s heart stopped beating.
February 55 as Claire Kelly-DeWitt and ex-wife of comedian George DeWitt, she’s reported having “snapped out of her terrible depression. The reason is Lance Reventlow, handsome young son of Barbara Hutton. They met less than a fortnight ago and have seen each other every day since.”
March 55 is a New York fashion model. Lance Reventlow runs up a hefty phone bill with long distance calls to her.
55 is in Howard Hughes' Son of Sinbad, using her married name, Claire DeWitt
55 divorces DeWitt in Florida and claims he was a fine comic on TV, but he was no laughs around the house. She is awarded custody of their son.
? dismisses Prince Aly Khan as "gauche" and considers Elvis Presley "a mere child"
February 55 dates Lance Reventlow, handsome young son of Barbara Hutton
June 55 when she and a girlfriend, who knows hotel heir Nicky Hilton, dine one Friday at Hollywood's Villanova restaurant, they are invited by Hilton and his cronies first to their table, then to his apartment, and, finally, to his den. The next morning they are called and invited to his dad's lodge at Lake Arrowhead, where they spend the weekend. But, due to too much Scotch, Hilton performs poorly. This story hits the news in Confidential magazine, July 1956.
July 55 columnist Louella Parsons reports that Nicky Hilton is “dating them by the pair. He was at Plymouth House with Lili Kardell and Claire Kelly.”
November 55 columnist Walter Winchell reports that she paid her respects to Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs
December 55 is discovered to be a "sometimes friend" of Frank Sinatra
is Frank Sinatra’s newest heart throb
Mid-50s is groomed to fill the slot when Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco
January 56 columnist Earl Carroll reports that she flew to Los Angeles after a call from Frank Sinatra
March 56 gives the police a three-mile auto chase before being caught and cited for speeding. Her psychiatrist is in the car with her.
July 56 is on the cover of Picture Week
October 56 is seen at El Morocco with her ex, George De Witt, and his ex-girlfriend, Vikki Dougan
57 in San Diego, Zale Perry, world champion woman scuba diver, teaches her how to use aqua-lungs for her upcoming Underwater Warrior
February 57 columnist Walter Winchell reports from the California Senate’s probe of private detectives, having enlisted prominent Hollywood attorneys such as Greg Bautzer. One of the people expected to star as a witness for the State will be a young woman, formerly married to a well-known television personality. She allegedly has confessed to being responsible for the article that led to the breakup of Jeanne Crain and husband Paul Brinkman, since reconciled. She told the probers that Mr. Brinkman, with whom she was infatuated, rejected her. She peddled her story for a mere $200. Winchell gives her maiden name initials as C.K.
10 July 58 is a dream in pink at the premiere of Gigi at the Paramount Theatre
59 is called "the screen's most exciting discovery since Rita Hayworth"
March 59 dates her ex, George DeWitt, just a few days before he announces his “engagement” to Italian siren Silvana Pampanini
April 59 again dates Perry Lopez, with whom she had a bistro row. She considers him “the last of that Latin lovers.”
25 April 59 files a child-stealing complaint against DeWitt in Los Angeles. She tells officers that he entered the apartment of a friend she was visiting on the night of April 20 and took their 4-year-old son, George Anthony Florentine. Detectives try to find DeWitt for questioning.
May 59 is a new twosome with actor Joe Cronin
George DeWitt, who has temporary custody of his son, will battle her in court for permanent custody
June 59 attorney Arthur Crowley tells columnist Harrison Carroll that a hearing date will be set in Florida for her child custody case with George DeWitt
August 59 attends Cathi Hayes’ opening at Dino’s Lodge with attorney Arthur Crowley
September 59 is wooed by actor Joe Cronin. It’s a retake: they were childhood sweethearts.
October 59 her ex-husband files a brief in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, accusing her of "adulterous, immoral and scandalous conduct" with Frank Sinatra, band leader Perry Lopez, and hotel chain heir Nicky Hilton. She refuses to answer on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment.
Late October 59 Frank Sinatra angrily replies about DeWitt saying that “he must be out of his mind. And he had better be able to back up the charge.”
29 October 59 DeWitt is given custody of their son
Christmas 59 Perry Lopez presents her with a diamond engagement ring. They dated for a long time.
January 60 is seen at La Scala restaurant hand-holding with Perry Lopez, where they once had a big fuss. She admits that she and Perry never were closer to marriage. They may have to make a fast decision or wait for several months. She’s up for the feminine lead in the new Tarzan picture. If she signs, she will have to leave for Africa very soon and be gone for nine weeks.
27 March 60 marries actor Julius C. Lopez, a.k.a. Perry Lopez, in the Little Brown Church in North Hollywood, California. He’s 30; she’s 26.
? divorces Lopez
21 October 61 marries Robert Alan Kenaston, son of actress Billie Dove, auto salesman, and heir to a wealthy banking family, in Juarez, Mexico. He's 27; she's 27.
1 June 62 her son Robert Burns Kenaston is born in Los Angeles
June 63 her ex, George De Witt, gets her an apartment next door to his
July 63 is granted a divorce from Kenaston in Los Angeles. She claims Kenaston hates actresses and won't let her work. He agrees to pay $150 monthly child support. Kenaston will die at age 60 in 1995.
? marries wealthy Robert Murphy
1 July 98 as Claire K. Murphy, she dies at age 64 in Palm Springs, California
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