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(Jana Cozette Ekelund)
28 August 33 is born in Los Angeles, California, of Scandinavian descent to Leonard E. and Gladys M. Ekelund, nee Lewis. Her five older brothers are Edward E., born about 1920; Robert L., born about 1921; Darcy Lee, born 1922; Gareth Paget, born 1926; and Ivan Noell, born 1928.
6 May 35 her sister, Caryll Ann, is born in Cottonwood, California
? takes dancing lessons during childhood
39 as Caryll N. Ekelund, her sister has the bit part of an angel in Shirley Temple's upcoming The Blue Bird
31 October 39 on Halloween night, her sister's dress catches fire from a jack-o-lantern, and she's fatally burned
3 November 39 her sister succumbs to her injuries
? at Caryll's funeral, her five older brothers act as pallbearers while a graveside quartet sings Caryll's favorite song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz. Her burial shroud is the unborn child toga from her role in The Blue Bird.
March 52 is a student at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California
August 53 is featured in an eight-page swimsuit article in Pageant magazine
April 54 as Jana Cozette Ekelund, she is in a Redwood City, California, court seeking $77,400 for the loss of her three front teeth. She claims she lost them when two College of the Pacific classmates, Mrs. Jeanne Reding, 20, and Miss Gwen Beacon, 20, poured ice water on her while she was asleep and startled her into falling. She claims store choppers are a detriment to her TV career.
February 56 attends the Helen of Troy premiere with Wayne Mallory, brother of actor Guy Madison
March 57 is tested for a starring role in TV's upcoming "How to Marry a Millionaire." Others in the running are Sue Carson, Doe Avedon, Leigh Snowden, Joan Evans, and Jan Harrison.
April 57 does an uncredited advertisement for Cuticura
June 57 Elvis Presley takes her, not blond bombshell Barbara Nichols, to see The Ten Commandments
Elvis keeps her on a mile-long string
November 57 promotes the opening of the new Clem Ruth Chevrolet showrooms in Canoga Park, California
May 58 her escort at Don Rickles' opening at Slate Brothers, Las Vegas, is Hollywood defense attorney Arthur J. Crowley. Crowley represents Lana Turner's ex, Stephen Crane, in his custody battle over their daughter Cheryl.
June 58 her frequent Beverly Hills escort is courtroom wizard Arthur J. Crowley
August 58 Crowley is attorney for the defense in the Confidential libel trial
December 58 is seen out with Crowley at the Luau
August 59 columnist Harrison Carroll reports her and Crowley "back together at the Luau, and both seemed very happy."
January 60 her escort at Dino's Lodge is Arthur J. Crowley
March 60 Crowley and his partner, Harold Rhoden, hit the news with their defending actor William Talman, who was fired from his "Perry Mason" part of Hamilton Burger after being arrested during a police raid of a supposedly "wild nude party" held at the home of an acquaintance
September 61 21-year-old Terry Huntington, "Miss U.S.A. of 1959," sues Crowley in Los Angeles claiming he's the father of a child she expects in April
16 October 61 is a scintillating songstress opening at the Black Ball
November 61 Crowley denies paternity but admits having had an affair with Huntington. He claims Terry had affairs with movie and television executives in order to further her career. He charges Terry once threatened to ruin his reputation with a paternity suit if he did not lend her $1,200.
April 62 sings in Jerry Lewis' new show
August 62 attends the opening of the Premiere Room at the Thunderbird Inn on the Sunset Strip with Arthur Crowley
15 December 62 marries Crowley in Los Angeles. He's 37; she's 29.
20 January 63 in a Los Angeles court Crowley claims this to be a "grandstand play" by Huntington's attorney after listening to proposals for series of lie detector tests to settle his pending paternity suit. Huntington attends with her daughter, whom she named Elizabeth Paige Crowley, born May 11 / 14, 1962. Crowley's 38; she's 22.
September 63 Crowley sues Howard Hughes in Los Angeles for invasion of privacy
November 63 the Crowleys throw a lavish gathering. Among the guests are Connie Hines, Rhonda Fleming, and Ross Martin. The Crowleys reside in Wrightwood Estates.
as Mrs. Arthur Crowley, she attends the WAIF International Ball held at the Beverly Hilton. Guest of honor is Umberto II of Savoy, former King of Italy.
November 64 she and Crowley attend the 10th Anniversary Ball of the Los Angeles chapter of the WAIF, held at the Beverly Hilton. She wears "a champagne satin brocade with a full length mink coat lined with the matching brocade."
10 October 65 her son, Cameron P., is born in Los Angeles
December 65 the Crowleys hold their annual black-tie holiday dinner
June 67 attends the Four Hosts’ swinging bon voyage party for Bill Holmes at Stefanino’s with husband Arthur Crowley
2 March 68 her daughter, Kimberly E., is born in Los Angeles
March 69 the Crowleys of North Hollywood attend the Kate and Advocate Ball, the Los Angeles Lawyers' Wives yearly fund-raiser for the Legal Aid Foundation
April 71 she and Crowley attend a big Los Angeles reception honoring the Apollo 11 astronauts
August 76 divorces Crowley in Los Angeles. In 1987 Crowley will hit the news as Joanna Holland's attorney in her divorce from Johnny Carson.
20 July 91 as Jana Cozette Crowley, she dies at age 57 in Los Angeles
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