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Jester Naefe
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(Jester Helen Nefe)
12 September 24 / 25 is born in Vienna, Austria; her father is Herbert Naefe, a truck driver
c. 40 at age 16, she is off to Berlin to attend Ackermann’s Theater School
? is on stage at the Breslauer Schauspielhaus in Breslau
? is on stage at the Intime Theater in Hamburg
48 director Rolf Meyer discovers her for the movies
? gets married and divorced
? marries import businessman Alfred Tauszky, the son of a Hungarian and a cleaning woman, and makes her home in Hamburg, Germany
21 July 50 / 51 her daughter, Vivian, is born. She will become a renowned director.
? Tauszky slaps her in public during a reception in Bad Oldesloe
June 51 when prosecuted for tax evasion, Tauszky flees from Hamburg to Italy. Jester and her little daughter go with him.
c. 51-53 the Tauszkys make their home in Rome, where her second daughter, Silvia, is born. Finally, Tauszky deserts his family and flees to Caracas, Venezuela.
? returns to Germany
50s her address is Hamburg 20, Heilwigstrasse 40
54 is on the back cover of Film Revue, #1
c. 56 divorces Tauszky
? the press calls her “the German Marilyn Monroe”
56 lives in Munich
57 while filming La Ragazza della salina in Portoroz, Yugoslavia, she has a fighting scene with fellow actress Isabella Corey. During the scene, she falls and hits the back of her head on a rock. She soon starts getting bad headaches.
the headaches are followed by temporary paralysis
Easter 58 her illness vanishes, and she is off to the States for a TV show
? actor Gregory Peck calls her one of the “most attractive and beautiful women in the world”
January 59 is treated at a Munich hospital
is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
? when she becomes ill, her friends desert her
60s when the medical bills consume all of her earnings, she retires to live with her mother, in her modest home in Wolfratshausen
64 is totally paralyzed and temporarily blind
6 July 67 dies at age 42 in Geretsried, near Wolfratshausen, Upper Bavaria, Germany, of multiple sclerosis. Her mother and daughter Vivian are at her side. The obituaries give her age as 37.
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