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(Marilyn Pauline Novak)
13 February 33 is born in Chicago, Illinois, as second child to Blanche and Joseph Novak, second-generation Czechs
Early 50s suffers two broken engagements
gossip links her to munitions millionaire and sugar daddy Edgar Ausnit and Hollywood lothario and handsome actor Ted Cooper
director Richard Quine guides her through her screen test at Columbia. Harry Cohn would like to name her Kit Marlowe, but lets her choose Kim and keep her surname.
in contrary to Hollywood's most notorious casting couch, she's never touched by Cohn
meets thirty-five-year old theater magnate and bachelor Mac Krim at a celebrity tennis match at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and a furious romance, that will become a six-year relationship, begins
lives alone in Cohn's Hollywood Studio Club for Girls
30 March 54 attends the Academy Awards on the arm of young actor Kerwin Mathews
almost loses the role in Pushover that makes her a star, to young starlet Dianne Foster
for $100,00, Cohn loans her to United Artists for Man with the Golden Arm
she's only friends with Frank Sinatra
October 54 a photographer from Chicago demands hush money for nude photos of her, taken when she was sixteen; Columbia pays $15,000
55 poses nude for columnist Earl Wilson during her first publicity trip to New York
June 55 attends the celebrity benefit sessions at the Mocambo with Dr. Ernest Wilder
Summer 55 Krim visits her in Kansas, on location for Picnic
becomes friendly with young actor Nick Adams during filming of Picnic
December 55 Universal-International's contract player George Nader denies having a romance with her
56 she's expected to marry Krim before the year is over
Mid-56 with three blockbuster films, she's the top box office attraction in the world; her love affair disintegrates rapidly in a matter of months
aboard the Ile de France, she sails for a whirlwind tour of Europe, topped off with an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival
Ishmaelite Prince Aly Khan meets her on the Riviera, falls for her, and wants to marry her
in Rome she meets thirty-two-year-old "Count" Mario Bandini, owner of Italy's largest tomato cannery, and is swept off her feet. He takes her to Venice.
she and Sinatra are said to be in the midst of a torrid love affair
56 Tyrone Power complains about her behavior on the set of The Eddy Duchin Story
August 56 eludes the deeper contentment of marriage to Mac Krim
57 quarrels with Barbara Nichols about her hair color during filming of Pal Joey
May 57 actor John Ireland gifts her with birthday presents
John Ireland is the man of the hour. Frank Sinatra, Mac Krim, Count Mario Bandini, and Aly Khan preceded
September 57 will wed Ireland if their romance can withstand her angry studio bosses and survive the time delay of his divorce from Joanne Dru
December 57 Cohn learns about her affair with Sammy Davis, Jr. News of the scandal spreads throughout Hollywood like wildfire; Cohn suffers his first heart attack.
dates Aly Khan
has an affair with Sammy Davis, Jr.
58 Hitchcock opposes Paramount's casting her for From Amongst the Dead and tries to bring in his favorite, Vera Miles
January 58 there are rumors she and Davis, Jr., may marry
10 January 58 Davis, Jr., is forced by hoods into marrying a black chorus girl in Las Vegas
27 February 58 Cohn dies of a heart attack after receiving clippings of the Kim-Sammy scandal
Cohn's death throws her into the arms of Dick Quine, her director on Bell, Book and Candle. A short affair develops.
is ten pounds slimmer since Vertigo
Zsa Zsa Gabor hosts a candlelight dinner for Kim, General Ramfis Trujillo, and her sister Eva. Kim and Trujillo are "ablaze with romance."
to help the affair, Zsa Zsa stages a lavish party in their honor. The Jimmy Stewarts, the Robert Taylors, David Selznik and Jennifer Jones, Robert Mitchum, Louella Parsons, Rhonda Fleming, Shirley MacLaine, Maureen O'Hara, Ann Miller, Natalie Wood, and Porfirio Rubirosa attend.
Trujillo gifts her with $5,000 in jewelry and an $8,500 black Mercedes 220S with customized white leather interior
the flirtation becomes a political uproar overnight when two Congressmen tie these gifts to the emergency federal aid given to the poverty-stricken Dominican Republic. Columbia forces her to put an end to her affair with Trujillo
April 58 her current choice for escort is Italian Mario Bandini
12 May 58 Trujillo declares he will file for divorce from his wife (they have six kids) to be free for Kim. He later sits down with her mother to officially seek her daughter's hand.
12 June 58 the Trujillo affair is over, and she blames Columbia
October 58 Trujillo has two signed photographs of her on his yacht
November 58 causes a rift between Jeff Chandler and Esther Williams
Marc Krim is getting a little tired of playing second fiddle to her admirers and insists he is dating other girls and has no intention of marrying her right now
while in New York, her most frequent dates are with Dr. Ernest Wynder at the Harwyn
Spring 59 she's off to Europe with her parents. On the Riviera the Novaks are hosted by Aly Khan at his Chateau L'Horizon. Her escort at the Cannes Film Festival is Cary Grant.
her love affair with Grant is just a Columbia-spread rumor
her presence sparks a riot among her fans in Milan; she escapes through a back door
her relationship with Marc Krim has become a deep friendship
63 director Henry Hathaway and lead Laurence Harvey are a disaster for her while filming Of Human Bondage, in a rainy Dublin, Ireland. With this movie, her major Hollywood days are over.
is a twosome with handsome London columnist Roderick Mann
14 June 63 will be married to Mann over the weekend
September 63 receives an engagement ring from Mann
64 throws her back out during the filming of Kiss Me Stupid and is forced to play the rest of the film in great pain
Fall 64 meets actor Richard Johnson while filming The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
15 March 65 marries actor Richard Johnson in Beaver Dam / Aspen, Colorado
June 65 their marriage is in trouble; they move into different flats in London
is badly injured in a riding accident in Saint James Park. Deborah Kerr is a substitute for her in 13.
Spring 66 presents an Oscar at the Academy Awards gala with Johnson the day they both agree to separate
26 May 66 divorces Johnson
26 August 66 suffers an almost fatal car crash near her Gull's Nest residence in Big Sur and afterwards decides to retire from the screen
74 meets veterinarian Dr. Robert Malloy when he comes to treat a sick horse
12 March 76 marries Robert L. Malloy in an outdoor ceremony at her home in the Big Sur area of California. He's 36; she's 43.
March 79 returns to Hollywood to present an Oscar
2 March 14 returns to Hollywood to present an Oscar
January 20 is interviewed by Mo Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning
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