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(Maureen FitzSimons)
17 August 20 is born in Ranelagh near Dublin, Ireland. Her father, Charles FitzSimons, is a clothing merchant; her mother Marguerite Rita FitzSimons, a onetime theatre actress.
enrolls at Burke's School of Elocution
studies drama at the Apprentice School of the Abbey Theatre
Late 37 entertainer-womanizer Harry Richman spots her at a Dublin civic celebration and recommends her to his producers
39 German producer Erich Pommer and actor Charles Laughton cast her for Jamaica Inn, the next film of their joint Mayflower Productions
12 June 39 secretly marries George Brown, a production associate with Mayflower Productions, a few hours before her departure to New York City
June 39 sails with her mother, co-star Charles Laughton, and his wife Elsa Lanchester to New York for the opening of Jamaica Inn
Laughton insists on her for the upcoming part of Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
producer David O. Selznick considers her for the lead in Rebecca
is very reluctant to pose for sexy cheesecake
depite her marital status, she's is frequently seen out with Will Price, who is her dialog coach on The Hunchback of Notre Dame
August 40 in Nevada, she obtains an annulment of her marriage to Brown, who's still in England
Early 40s lives with her mother and younger brother in Hollywood
29 December 41 marries U.S. Marine Price in his hometown of McComb, Mississippi. After a honeymoon in New Orleans, they return to Hollywood.
43 attends the Academy Awards with her husband, who's on shore leave
30 June 44 her daughter and only child, Bronwyn Bridget, is born
50 is directed for the first time by her husband, Will Price, in Tripoli
51 plans to film Paniole in Hawaii don't materialize when backers withdraw over script rights
her marriage dissolves into an acrimonious divorce
29 December 51 her husband moves out of their Bel Air home on the day of their tenth wedding anniversary
4 August 52 files for divorce from Price
11 August 53 her divorce from Price is granted. She's given custody of their child.
6 October 53 leaves the United States for location filming on Fire over Africa
January 54 returns to the States
July 54 Susan Hayward is seen with Maureen's wealthy Mexican feller, Enrique Parra
June 55 models some of Sybil Connolly's dresses at a party thrown by Maureen O'Sullivan for her friend, the Irish dress designer, who is visiting Hollywood
April 56 is featured in ads for the Lady Ellen Princess talent contest in cooperation with Modern Screen magazine. She will greet the winner upon arrival in Hollywood.
March 57 Confidential publishes a feature story on her describing the evening of November 9, 1953, when she and an unnamed Latin lover were said to have conducted a spicy encounter in the balcony in Grauman's Theatre in Hollywood. She sues, first for $1 million, then for $5 million in damages.
May 57 appears in a Los Angeles court for the jury hearing. Liberace and actress Dorothy Dandridge, who had also been Confidential subjects, agree to testify if necessary. She proves, via her stamped passport, that she had been on location filming outside the States at that time.
October 57 the suit is dismissed with prejudice to Confidential
57/58 may appear in and produce Born in Paradise and The Morgan Story
considers appearing in an Italian movie playing Maria Magdalena called The Great Sinner
purchases a Brentwood home for her parents
29 April 60 gives her Broadway debut in the musical comedy Christine
60 records a long-playing album for RCA, "Love Letters"
62 her former husband, Will Price, dies
60s confesses to the press that Enrique Parrahad, one of Mexico's richest men, whom she started dating in the early 1950s, is the best man she has ever met. For very personal reasons, they never marry.
11 March 68 marries Charles F. Blair, Pan Am pilot and Air Force brigadier general, whom she met several years before in Ireland, in Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands. He was the first person to make a solo flight over the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole. They sell their estates and move to St.Croix in the Virgin Islands. They also maintain a Manhattan apartment on Sutton Place South and a 65-ft. yacht.
2 September 78 becomes the widow of Blair, who's killed in a plane crash at age 69 in the Virgin Islands
Late 80s is widowed and living in Christiansted, St. Croix, in the Virgin Islands, where she owns and operates a marina
24 October 15 dies at age 95 in her sleep at her home in Boise, Idaho, from natural causes
The RKO Gals by James Robert Parish, Made in Heaven by Victoria Houseman, Whatever became of...? by Richard Lamparski, Silver Screen, Photoplay, Modern Screen
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