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Chula Prieto
Chula Prieto
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(María del Carmen Prieto Salido)
29 is born in Mexico
46 is in one film under the name of Linda Mayo
48 attends the Olympic Games in London
Mexican actor Cantinflas escorts her to the Festival Taurino
is a close friend of famed matador Carlos Arruza, who introduces her to famous Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin
54 in Spain she becomes good friends with Mexican actress Miroslava, who has an affair with Dominguin
10 March 55 Miroslava is found dead, an apparent suicide, along with three farewell letters. Despite the fact that everything points toward suicide, she might have taken her life over the marriage of Dominguin and Bosé, there are rumors that this may not be true. One rumor has Chula arranging Miroslava’s body after death with the letters, one or two of which were written by Chula herself to camouflage the truth.
60 dies at age 31 in Mexico from a bleeding ulcer
Deanna Thompson,, SOMOS
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