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(Margaret Dawn Richard)
5 March 36 / 37 is born in Los Angeles, California, of Osage Indian descent. Her father is a former silent film stunt pilot. Her mother’s maiden name is Deering.
? her parents move to Palm Springs, where her father builds five motels
? stars in a high school production of Meet Me in St Louis
55 Hollywood agent Glenn Show, a frequent motel guest, wangles her a small part as one of Pharaoh's daughters in The Ten Commandments. Her line is: "What is it, Bithiah? What did you find?"
29 October 55 on the eve of announcement of the new "WAMPAS Baby Stars," she and fellow aspirants Doreen Stevens and Barbara Marx are pictured meeting Claire Windsor, "WAMPAS Baby Star of 1926," and Rochelle Hudson, "WAMPAS Baby Star of 1933"
30 October 55 she and 14 other actresses are chosen as "WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1956" by a group of veteran actors and actresses, including Ginger Rogers. The other Baby Stars are Phyllis Applegate, Roxanne Arlen, Jolene Brand, Donna Cooke, Barbara Huffman, Jewell Lain, Barbara Marx, Lita Milan, Norma Nilsson, Ina Poindexter, Violet Rensing, Fay Spain, Doreen Stevens, and Delfin Thursday.
Summer 56 attends acting classes given by Professor Irwin Corey with friends Lita Milan and Fay Spain
lives with her mother in a four-room apartment on Sunset Boulevard, west of La Brea, in Los Angeles. She drives a used Ford sedan.
Mid-July 56 is seen at El Morocco with Sy Devore
End July 56 columnist Walter Winchell reports that "Show-biz taylor Sy Devore flew in from Hollywood to spend the last days with Martin-Lewis, but spent them with babes instead, a different one each night - including singer Helen O'Connell, starlet Dawn Richard, writer Natalie Roberts, and model Arlene Altman."
May 57 is Playboy's "Playmate of the Month"
August 57 is on the cover of Adam II
November 57 is featured in Bachelor
11 May 58 marries David Lloyd Wolper, the ex of actress Toni Carroll. He's 30; she's 22. The same year he forms Wolper Productions to produce TV documentaries, then a two-man outfit operating out of a small room in a Sunset Boulevard office building.
June 58 is featured in Modern Man
is photographed by Russ Meyer for a feature in Man's Magazine
27 December 60 her son Mark M. is born in Los Angeles. He will become a renown TV producer and president of the Wolper Organization.
November 61 is featured in Vue
9 March 62 her son Michael D. is born in Los Angeles. He will become a business executive.
12 May 67 her daughter, Leslie Ann, is born at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Wolper is in Salt Lake City making The Devil's Brigade. He flies home upon receiving the news.
? she and Wolper separate
? her mother introduces her to Spyro Joannides, owner of the Athens, Greece, top-notch Medair Travel Agency, whom she met during a two-week cruise to Acapulco, Mexico
December 69 divorces Wolper, who will become TV's mega-producer. He'll marry actress Gloria Hill in 1974.
? goes to Greece with her children and their nanny, Eva
? marries Joannides. His mother, Marika, will help raise the children.
? her daughter, Leslie Ann, attends school in Switzerland, being trained to take over the travel agency
Early January 88 she and Joannides celebrate his 50th birthday with a filmland party at actor Armand Assante's apartment in West Hollywood
05 as Dawn Joannides, she resides in Burbank, California
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