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(Patricia Lou Blake)
15 / 31 January 31 is born in Fort Worth, Texas
is raised in Dallas
? starts modeling at age 13
? does summer stock
? works as a Conover model
? is voted the girl with the most beautiful legs in Texas
54 is signed by Warner Brothers after a cheesecake photo on a pocket-magazine cover
March 55 photographer Bert Six calls her one of the most photogenic girls in Hollywood
October 55 is named a "Deb Star" in Hollywood, California. The others are Karen Sharpe, Anita Ekberg, Cathy Crosby, Lori Nelson, Gloria Talbot, Liliane Montevecchi, Kipp Hamilton, Tracey Morgan, Mara Corday, and Jody Lawrence.
56 her co-star Herbert Rudley doesn't think too much about her talent on the set of The Black Sleep
August 59 is a big item with Famous Artists' Dave Gerber. She is under contract with Metro.
December 59 is a twosome again with producer Sandy Howard at Dino's Loge
December 60 is seen around with famous 54-year-old playwright Clifford Odets
61 does an unsold pilot, “Tramp Ship,” opposite Neville Brand
62 replaces Joan Taylor as the love interest in ABC’s “The Rifleman” when Taylor’s husband, producer Leonard Freeman, has to move to Hawaii for the production of "Hawaii Five-0"
c. 64 is ready to move to New York when screenwriter Gordon Chase suggests her for the female lead in “Daniel Boone”
14 February 65 marries land developer Martin S. Colbert in Los Angeles. He's 42; she's 30.
March 66 lives with her husband on the 60-foot power boat Don Juan berthed at the Playa Del Rey Marina in California. The couple also owns a house in Palm Springs.
Mid-66 visits Europe for the first time on a belated honeymoon. The Colberts visit Italy, England, and France. Afterwards she claims that no place in Europe can compare to Lake Tahoe.
May 68 has to travel several hundred miles each week for her role in "Daniel Boone"
00 produces trade shows in the states of New York and New Jersey
9 September 13 dies in North Wildwood, New Jersey
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