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(Judith Mae Hess)
9 October 32/33 is born in Teaneck, New Jersey/Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her father, a former trumpeter with bands such as Paul Whiteman and Benny Goodman, retired and became a building contractor. Her mother, Loreleo Kendler, is a former Ziegfeld Follies dancer.
studies ballet, music, and acting
quits school at 15 to become a Harry Conover model
49 Conover names her "Miss Stardust"
moves to Manhattan and auditions at the Copa
dances with the Copacabana chorus line. There she meets 26-year-old Colin Romoff, the pianist at the Copa, who becomes her vocal coach.
marries Romoff two months later
does single acts at New York nightclubs such as Bill Miller's Riviera and Le Ruban Bleu
appears for 13 weeks on "The Milton Berle Show"
clicks as a singer at the Mocambo
52 replaces the puppet character of Princess Summerfall Winterspring on the TV's "Howdy Doody" kids' show, where she will remain for the next three years
55 Reginald Hammerstein, the brother of Oscar, spots her on "Caesar Presents" and recommends her for Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Pipe Dream
56 the success of Pipe Dream lands her the cover of Life magazine
her marriage dissolves and she divorces Romoff amicably
57 does a screentest for Marjorie Morningstar
17 March 57 marries 19 / 24-year-old television actor Gregory LaFayette at the Balmoral Hotel in Miami. Singer Patti Page is the matron of honor.
plays club dates in Florida between filmings
back in New York, she and LaFayette rent an apartment at 158 West 44th Street
after completing Jailhouse Rock, she and her husband enjoy a short honeymoon in Laramie, Wyoming. She signed a contract for a CBS show and has to be back East by the fall.
July 57 along with her poodle and a kitten she bought for her agent, they decide to go east by car rather than by flying
3 July 57 she and LaFayette are driving through Billy the Kid, Wyoming, when a car suddenly pulls onto the road from an antique store. Trying to avoid it, LaFayette smashes into a car in the opposite lane. She dies instantly, cut in half. A passenger in the other car dies, as well as her dog and cat. Looters steal LaFayette's wallet and her cash, furs, and jewelry. Other sources give LaFayette dying that evening, she the following morning.
she is laid in state at Frank E. Campbell's Funeral Church, New York City. Her ashes are buried in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York; her husband is buried in Hopewell Junction, New York, his hometown.
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