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(Betty Jane Bierce)
7 August 18 is born in San Antonio, Texas, the daughter of Mason M. and Ethyl E. Bierce
30 lives with her parents and her sister, Helen, in Los Angeles
? turns down a full scholarship to study violin at The Juilliard School
? attends the Pasadena Playhouse for four years
? gets her name Poni at the Harry Conover Modeling Agency, for which she works for six months after arriving in New York City
? has small roles on "Lux Radio Theatre" and on the "Whistler" radio series
? a brief marriage to an Annapolis cadet ends when he is killed in action on his first mission in World War II
c. 44 producer Walter Wanger spots her in Esquire
44 when producer Walter Wanger is looking for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" for his upcoming Salome Where She Danced, she becomes one of the "Seven Salome Girls"
45 except for her, all of the other "Salome Girls" decide to leave Universal Pictures
14 July 45 marries Thomas K. Turnage. He's 22; she's 26.
46 despite dating actress Lana Turner, Turhan Bey flirts with her while filming A Night in Paradise
Early 50s when her husband is sent to Korea, she’s back on TV
5 September 55 her daughter, Andrea Gene, is born in Los Angeles
30 November 56 her son, Robert M., is born in Los Angeles
80s her husband becomes administrator of the Veterans Administration under President Ronald Reagan
99 she and her husband reside in Palm Springs
24 September 00 attends the Jivin’ Jacks And Jills Universal Reunion party in Studio City, California, along with Kathleen Hughes, Susanna Foster, Peggy Moran, Mary Ellen Kay, Kristine Miller, Mala Powers, and Donna Martell, among others
23 May 14 dies at age 95 in Bellingham, Washington
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