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(Beverly Lucy Fessenden)
17 October 26 is born in Santa Cruz, California, to James A. Fessenden and Amelia Rose Fessenden, nee Scherer
? grows up in Glendale
moves to Arizona during her high school years
moves back to California with her family and attends Glendale City College
attends UCLA
c. 49 does summer stock in Laguna, where agent Ray Cooper spots her and arranges an interview for her with director Rudolph Maté for his upcoming D.O.A.
is officially blacklisted for a few years after a disloyal but honest remark about D.O.A.
? meets her future husband, actor Richard Garland, while doing the play Dark of the Moon at the Hollywood Players Ring Theater
49 marries Garland
53 divorces Garland when she finds out that he had an affair with her best friend. In addition, he drank more and more. Garland will die at age 41 in 1969.
55 on location for Swamp Women in Louisiana, she has to stay at an abandoned hotel that is infected with bedbugs
c. 56 keeps company with Bill Hays, who is handling her money, but also dates director Roger Corman a little. She will later deny any affair with Corman.
56 is off to Brazil for three months for the filming of Curucu, Beast of the Amazon
57 stays at the Cocoa Palms Hotel on Kauai, Hawaii, while filming Naked Paradise
59 is a much-sought-after bachelor girl
59 / 60 meets and marries builder-developer Fillmore Pajeau Crank. His wife, Barbara Helen Logan, was killed in a car crash in August 1957; he has two children, Fillmore, Jr., and Cathleen.
27 January 64 her daughter, Carrington Kendall, is born in Los Angeles
? her husband builds the 225-room Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn on Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood
10 March 99 becomes the widow of Crank, who dies at age 77 in Los Angeles from cancer after a two-week illness
99 attends the Memphis Film Festival and again visits with actor Rex Reason
5 December 08 dies at age 82 at her Hollywood Hills home after a lengthy illness
Interviews with B Science Fiction and Horror Movie Makers by Tom Weaver, Ladies of the Western by Michael G. Fitzgerald and Boyd Magers
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