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(Marion Lepriel Tanner)
8 June 29 is born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother's maiden name is Stanworth.
? works as a model
? 20th Century-Fox signs her and sends her to drama school for a year
? plays bit roles in 30 films at 20th Century-Fox before being discovered by producer Hal B. Wallis
? marries and divorces Allen Davey
July 48 is seen at the Mocambo with producer Howard Hawks. It's one of their first dates in Hollywood, but they saw a lot of each other in Palm Springs.
July 49 says she still hasn't discussed marriage with Hawks. The story started when a friend stated in an interview that Marion and Howard were very fond of each other.
August 49 after a stormy courtship, her duet with Hawks heads toward matrimony
October 49 receives an impressive diamond engagement ring from Hawks
31 December 49 she and Hawks announce plans to marry on February 26 - unless work interferes. This will be the second anniversary of their first date. Marion adds: "We'll probably go somewhere out of town for the ceremony." She and Hawks dated steadily since his divorce from Nancy "Slim" Hawks, the current Mrs. Leland Hayward, in May 48.
February 50 virtually on the eve of their scheduled wedding, she and Hawks call it off. She discloses that the break-up happened "sometime ago" and adds "there is nothing to say." Hawks is at his Arizona ranch.
March 50 is seen at the Mocambo with Freddy de Cordova, listening to singer Billy Daniels.
? stays in Europe for six months to film I Was a Male War Bride
June 50 she and Bruce Cabot are a twosome at Red Skelton's show at the Mocambo
5 March 51 shows up at Ciro's with producer Stanley Donen, former steady of Elizabeth Taylor since her separation from Nicky Hilton
September 51 remembers her career at 20th Century-Fox: "I spent four years there playing telephone operators and secretaries. But what really got me mad was always wearing the same dress - the dress Celeste Holm wore in Gentleman's Agreement.
February 52 is seen at Johnny Wilson's Ready Room with Donen. Columnist Harrison Carroll reports that they still haven't a set a definite date for their marriage but thinks it will be in June.
March 52 columnist Walter Winchell reports she and Donen will marry in May
her tentative wedding date is May 25. A small ceremony is planned, but there's little chance for a honeymoon. Donen is completing Fearless Fagan and will be working again at that time.
20 May 52 marries Donen at the Westwood, California, home of Jules Goldstone, who's Elizabeth Taylor's agent as well as Marion's. Donen's 28; she's 22. Both have been married once before.
21 May 52 the Donens honeymoon in New York
March 53 advertises for Bobbie Bras and Girdles
June 53 she and Donen are on the stork's list
20 December 53 her son Peter is born in Los Angeles
10 August 55 her son Joshua is born in Los Angeles. He will become a producer.
? she and Donen separate
October 58 is in the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for minor surgery. She'll be out in four or five days.
December 59 Donen is expected to marry Adele, Lady Beatty, when his divorce from Marion comes through
March 60 there is news from Italy that she and Sheldon Reynolds will marry this summer
June 62 attends the party after Frank Sinatra's Roman show with Robert Wagner
attends a gala following Frank Sinatra's concert in Monaco at the Hotel de Paris' new swimming pool with Robert Wagner. Princess Grace and Rainier host the event.
21 July 63 marries Wagner, the ex of actress Natalie Wood, at the Bronx Supreme Court Building in New York. He is 33; she's 34. The ceremony is performed by State Supreme Court Justice Joseph A. Brust. Afterwards they leave for the West Coast.
July 63 is seen with Alex Nicol in the ads for Run with the Devil but not in the scenes with him
11 / 12 May 64 her daughter, Katherine, is born in Los Angeles
July 69 plays opposite her husband in a segment of "It Takes a Thief"
20 June 70 she and Wagner separate
26 April 71 Wagner asks for divorce at the Los Angeles Superior Court saying she should have custody of their 6-year-old daughter. She is to receive $1,250 monthly alimony plus 12.5 percent of Wagner's gross income that exceeds $150,000 a year.
24 September 18 dies at age 89
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