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(Eleanor Dorothy Lovegren)
25 March 16 is born in Belmont, Massachusetts
June 33 graduates from Belmont High School
? is one of eight girls picked in beauty contests throughout the country for the movie Eight Girls in a Boat (1934)
is given a long-term contract with Charles R. Rogers
31 October 33 says in an interview with Alanson Edwards that she is "willing to give up any career for love."
9 July 35 narrowly escapes death after avoiding a stampede of 1,500 wild horses in Tuba City, Arizona
23 July 35 is given a long-term contract with Universal Studios with a salary ranging from $75 a week to $1,250 a week
columnist Gene Inge reports that "Another Hollywood player has joined the cast of Those We Love... she is Jean Rogers, who plays the role of Elaine Dascom in the broadast over the NBC-Blue Network Tuesdays at 8pm EST."
? learns heavyweight boxing with Jim Jeffries
January 37 replaces Polly Rawles in Night Key
February 37 is replaced with Lynn Gilbert in the serial Saint Johnson
5 February 37 is a twosome with Jack La Rue at the Vendome
24 February 37 columnist Paul Harrison declares her the "queen of modern-day cliffhangers."
25 February 37 is honored at the Orange County Peace Officer's Association
? learns golf from Olin Dutra
1 March 37 columnist Hal E. Wood reports that "Jean Rogers and Warren Hull, who were friends in Boston several years ago, met again for the first time at Universal Studios, where they were cast as the romantic leads in Boris Karloff's latest starrer Night Key."
14 August 37 is featured in Picturegoer
5 March 38 is featured in Radioshow
September 38 is signed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
16 November 38 hosts a special meeting of the Sub-Deb Club at her apartment
? Louis B. Mayer of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer discovers her plans to marry, and he forbids her to do so.
June 39 is featured in Hollywood
July 39 is featured in Screenland
18 July 39 marries Daniel Winkler, a theatrical agent
24 January 40 columnist Jimmie Fidler reports that "Jean Rogers has invited four first cousins in Sweden to be her house guests until the war scare is over..."
3 May 41 divorces after Winkler says that he was "not the marrying type." She says "I told him that he was being silly and temperamental, but I guess he really meant it."
41 appears in ads for Pepsi
March 43 is featured in Screenland
3 July 43 remarries Winkler
12 July 43 says in an interview with Alicia Hart that "The simplest and most economical way to keep up with your ever-changing complexion is to buy a box of deep sutan powder and blend it with your regular shade."
16 July 43 is featured in Yank
April 44 her daughter is born
11 November 44 columnist Edwin Schallert reports that "Jean Rogers is returning to pictures, following the birth of her baby. She will play the lead in Men of the Deep (1945)."
December 49 is considered for a contract by Edward Cahn's new independent studio, the Protestant Film Commission
24 February 91 dies at Sherman Oaks Community Hospital following complications from surgery
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