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(Doris Bernice Jensen)
23 October 22 is born in Staplehurst, Nebraska. Her Danish parents are strict Lutherans.
c. 29 moves with her family to a farm in Hutchinson, Minnesota
attends Hamline University
? falls in love with choir mate Bert Parker; they speak of marriage
? ends up engaged to a Gilbert Lawson, whom she met while waitressing at Glacier National Park
Early 40s becomes the fiancée of Bert Parker, the boy she dates at Hamline University, about the same time he is drafted. Lawson joins the Air Force.
43 receives a summa cum laude Bachelor of Arts degree in music and literature
June 43 follows her fiancé to the West Coast
follows her fiancé to Southern California, where his unit is stationed, after receiving her B.A.
? breaks up with her fiancé and moves to Los Angeles
? works at the YWCA in Los Angeles
? attends acting classes with Carl Heinz Roth, onetime assistant to Max Reinhardt
? is discovered by talent scout Ivan Kahn at a Los Angeles little theater and given a contract
44 agent Jack Pomeroy signs her to an exclusive contract
October 44 meets her husband-to-be, Rod Amateau, when he directs her screen test at 20th Century-Fox
14 July 45 20th Century-Fox signs her to a seven-year exclusive deal at $150 a week
10 August 45 marries young writer Rodney Amateau, who wrote her screen test at Fox
June 46 her daughter, Susie, is born. She will become an attorney.
? agent Pomeroy sells her contract for $25,000 to Famous Artists Agency and buys himself a yacht
July 48 she and Amateau separate
3 March 49 divorces Amateau in Los Angeles. She testifies he killed her love by constant quarreling and didn't like her hats. Amateau will marry actress Joan Andre in 1950.
moves with her family to Culver City
making up for lost time, she dates a lot since her divorce
Fall 49 is off to New York to film The Sleeping City
? is off to London for the filming of I'll Get You for This opposite George Raft
? films with George Raft in San Remo, Italy and sends for her four-year-old daughter Susie to be with her while making three films in England
May 50 she and George Raft are on fire
June 50 is squired to various nightspots by the dashing and eligible Peter Ward, son of the Earl of Dudley. He was the former escort of Princess Margaret Rose.
parties through Paris
? is fired by 20th Century-Fox
August 50 is back from London and George Raft. She blushes and stammers at the questions about her reported romance with Raft.
January 51 is badly shaken up in a car crash
? meets producer Stanley Rubin in New York
February 51 her romance with Rubin is nearing the preacher stage
May 51 attends Felizia Vanderbilt's party without Rubin
June 51 breaks her engagement to writer-producer Stanley Rubin, who will marry Kathleen Hughes in 1954. He says he doesn't think he can handle her daughter.
July 51 dates actor Lew Ayres
August 51 her friends think she is sure about Lew
December 51 temporarily deserts Hollywood for the stage, doing a national tour with The Moon is Blue
dines at the Stork Club with Gil Hodges of Washington D.C.
attends the premiere of A Place in the Sun with hubby Mortimer Hall
52 becomes a twosome with actor John Payne, her co-star in Kansas City Confidential. They go together for some time.
February 52 is seen around with Stanley Roberts
April 52 is seen at Manero's with businessman David Tulcin
July 52 her romance with John Payne is serious enough to end up at the altar. They ignited while co-starring in Kansas City 117.
September 52 spends Labor Day weekend with her daughter on Catalina Island
October 52 is off to London for The Fake
November 52 is escorted to the Mocambo by John Payne. John's ex-wife, Gloria De Haven, is singing there.
May 53 her daughter thinks she will marry co-star John Payne
June 53 takes her parents and her 7-year-old daughter to Glacier National Park for a vacation
? goes to famed Hollywood masseuse Louise Long to have her body trimmed. There she meets her future husband, Bill Bidlack.
June 53 announces her engagement to Lieutenant Commander William Clymer Bidlack. He's 43; she's 30.
14 July 53 marries Bidlack, an engineering executive with Lockheed, at the Little Brown Church in North Hollywood, five weeks after their first meeting. He's 11 years her senior and will show to have a wide jealous streak.
July 53 the Bidlacks honeymoon on a motor trip to Carmel, California
October 53 becomes pregnant
1 June 54 her son, Bruce Robin, is born in Los Angeles
December 56 is scheduled for Charles Martin's upcoming Splash of Water
October 58 is bedridden for 10 days as a result of an auto crash in North Hollywood. She received sprains, bruises, and lacerations.
November 58 is on the Los Angeles welcoming committee for Queen Frederika of Greece and her princess daughter, Sophia, for their unofficial tour of the United States
78 becomes the widow of Bidlack, who dies of leukemia
friends from the church, urging her to socialize, invite her to join their bridge club, where she meets her next husband.
19 May 79 marries biblical scholar Joseph Fritz Zeiser in Los Angeles. He's another church member, who recently lost his wife to cancer. Both are 56.
? appears on TV with cleric Oral Roberts, whom she greatly admires
Late 80s she and her husband are partners in a network marketing business that they conduct from their home in Bel Air
? she and her husband travel a lot, even to Israel
? the Zeisers spend their weekends at their house in Palos Verdes
March 12 her husband Fritz Zeiser passes away
3 August 15 dies from natural causes at age 92 in her Bel Air home. She is survived by a daughter, Susan Amateau, from her first marriage; a son, Bruce Bidlack, from her second marriage; two stepsons, Rick and Steve Zeiser; 10 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. She is buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, CA, beside her husband Fritz Zeiser.
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