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29 January 27 is born in Florida / Houston, Texas. Her mother is Charlotte M. Stucke.
Early 44 when producer Walter Wanger is looking for "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" for his upcoming Salome Where She Danced, she is chosen as one of the seven Salome Girls
January 45 is among seven starlets selected as the "best bets" for screen stardom in 1945. The others are Karen Randle, Daun Kennedy, Kathleen O'Malley, Barbara Bates, Poni Adams, and Joan Trent.
? is a dancer
? is a stand-in for Lana Turner
c. 49 is married to Yugoslavia-born Universal contract player Peter Coe
50 as Carol West, she's a dancer in Summer Stock
2 May 50 marries 24-year-old singer Tony Fontane
January 51 she and co-star Joan Shawlee stop in Milwaukee during a promotional tour for Prehistoric Women. The two have lunch at the Schroeder Hotel.
? accompanies her husband on tour with with Showboat in Australia and Europe
the Fontanes settle in Canoga Park, California
12 January 52 her daughter, Kerry Char'ae, is born in Los Angeles
3 September 57 after a nearly tragic automobile accident in the San Fernando Valley where he's declared dead, both she and Tony commit their lives and their careers to Christ and become gospel singers
63 the Fontanes produce the autobiographic The Tony Fontane Story, featuring Tony, Kerry, and Char'ae Fontane
? her daughter marries Sergio Consani
30 June 74 becomes the widow of Fontane, who dies at age 48 in Los Angeles of prostate cancer
19 February 83 her mother dies at age 80 in Los Angeles
20 November 96 as Kerry Vaughn Fontane, she dies at age 69 in Nashville, Tennessee, of cancer
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