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(Kathrynne Barbra Mylroie)
19 October 30 is born in Akron, Ohio, the third child of John Miller Mylroie and Kate Auguste Cregus
? starts acting at age three
51 has a small part in Two on the Aisle at the Schubert Theater
9 December 51 marries wealthy New York manufacturer Anthony Brady Farrell, owner of the Mark Hellinger Theater in Fishkill, New York
July 57 columnist Steven H. Scheuer reports: “While I was cleaning out my files the other day, I came across a resume (That’s a fact sheet describing why TV producers should hire certain actors or actresses) detailing the professional virtues of one Kathy Farrell. One fact sheet did not list that Kathy is married to Anthony Brady Farrell, one of the theatre’s biggest investors. However, one paragraph did catch my eye. ‘She’s an outdoor girl,’ it read. ‘Last year on a trip to Alaska she shot two grizzly bears, a caribou and a moose with a six-foot spread.’ (How does this girl ever expect to get a job if she spends her spare time exterminating casting agents like that?)”
58 divorces Farrell. He's about 58; she's about 28.
? is on Broadway in Two for the Aisle
May 58 she and playwright-director-producer Leslie Stevens IV take out their marriage license in Los Angeles. The press reports that the license process begins on a 50-50 basis. Stevens tenders a $2 check, but a clerk explains that cash is required. So Stevens digs into his pocket and comes up with only $1. She opens her purse and pulls out the other $1. They plan to marry Sunday.
11 May 58 marries Leslie Clark Stevens at the Long Beach Naval Air Station Chapel. He’s 34; the press gives her age as 26. Each has been married once before. His father was the late Vice Admiral Leslie Clark Stevens.
May 59 composer Jule Styne wants her for his new Broadway musical. Her husband’s already on Broadway with his fifth play, Pink Jungle, with Paul Gregory and Ginger Rogers.
Summer 59 stars in her husband’s low-budget melodrama, Private Property, which is filmed on a 10-day schedule in their Hollywood Hills home. Stevens says he saves at least $500,000 by keeping away from a sound stage. He and his former agent, Stanley Colbert, produce. “This is my first movie,” she says, stretching out on a couch. “It seemed strange performing in my own home, but once the cameras began rolling I forgot all about it. I must say, I worried about the 40-man crew tearing up the place, but they were as thoughtful as if they were working on a $100,000 set. Everything was left in its place and nothing was broken. The only catastrophe was the loss of our geraniums. They were trampled during the swimming pool sequences.”
July 59 poses with Dale Robertson for his "Tales of Wells Fargo"
May 60 is on the cover of a New York Sunday magazine
June 60 columnist Mike Connolly tells that she will have the lead in Bugsy. "Although no real names are used in the movie, producer-writer Gwen Gielgud admits 'we wrote this one with pencil, paper and lawyer.' But Gwen, there was only one Bugsy - Siegel, that is."
27 June 60 filming starts for her Hero’s Island on Catalina Island off the California coast
March 62 columnist Walter Winchell knows that she "will give her producer mate the heir in June..."
3 July 62 her son, Leslie Clark V., is born in Los Angeles
August 62 she and Stevens are on TV’s “Here’s Hollywood.” The other pair is Gary and Barbara Crosby.
1 November 62 she and Stevens separate
September 63 sues Stevens for divorce in Los Angeles charging cruelty. She’s 30; he’s 35. Due to their attorneys, a property settlement and support agreement have been reached.
20 December 63 attends the opening of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas with Richard Gully
30 July 64 divorces Stevens in Los Angeles Superior Court. "He told me that he didn't want to be married and that upset me a great deal," she testifies. She's awarded custody of their 2-year-old son and $500 monthly child support in addition to $2,500 monthly alimony. A property settlement grants her a residence in Beverly Hills and 350 shares in various production firms owned by Stevens. He's 40; she's 32.
? is engaged to Dr. Samuel August Stornelli. They are house hunting on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
14 November 64 takes an overdose of sleeping pills after an argument with her doctor-fiancé in his fashionable Palos Verdes Estates home. She was visiting at the home of Dr. Samuel Stornelli, 569 Via Del Monte. Stornelli is a neurologist with offices in Hollywood. Stornelli says Kate awakened him at 11 p.m. after he had gone to bed to tell him she had taken the pills. He calls an ambulance and takes her to the Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, California.
15 November 64 as Kathrynne M. Farrell Stevens, she dies there at 1.15 a.m., age 34. Stevens and Stornelli are present. Her body is taken to White and Day Mortuary, Redondo Beach. Her death is listed by the coroner as a suicide even though no suicide note is found. She had been living in Beverly Hills. The press gives her age as 32. Stornelli will marry Anne Elisabeth Metzger in June 1967.
Stevens says that their son was at his Beverly Hills home when Kate died. He says his mother is flying in from Annapolis, Maryland, to care for the child.
16 November 64 her funeral service is pending in Beverly Hills / Palos Verde Estates, California
? as Kathryne Mylroie Stevens, she is buried next to Anthony Brady Farrell at Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville, New York
Mid-August 65 Stevens is reported seeking permission to exhume her body or he will face liability for the $7,500 in jewels buried with her. Superior Court Judge Donald R. Wright tells Stevens, executor of her $200,000 estate, that he must produce all of it, including the jewels, or make up the difference himself. Stevens' lawyer, Harold A. Abeles, says after the judge's decision that he will petition authorities in New York, where she was buried, through arrangements of her parents. Her divorce decree was not made final before her death. She had not changed a 1959 will that left her husband most of the estate, which he also shares with their 3-year-old son.
3 October 65 Stevens marries 26-year-old actress Allyson Ames. Upon their divorce in December 1966, Ames claims that Stevens upset her so that she became a nervous wreck “and just fell apart.” Stevens will die at age 74 in 1998 in Los Angeles.
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