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(Dorothy J. Ford)
4 April 22 is born in Perris, California. Her mother's maiden name is Remlin.
? debuts in Billy Rose’s Aquacade in San Francisco
March 45 she and fellow MGM glamazon Helen O'Hara, daughter of Henry Clive, will be featured for three months at the Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro
Summer 45 is on a modeling tour of South America and meets General Mark Clark, who testifies: "This is the first girl I've ever seen who could go bear hunting armed with a switch."
June 46 stands six feet, three inches tall and weights 143 pounds. She will be Mickey Rooney's next leading lady in Love Laughs at Andy Hardy.
July 46 is seen at the Mocambo with State producer Howard Lang
June 47 is heralded upon returning to New York. "One of the town's wealthiest socialites is backing a Broadway show for her..."
will get the lead in Broadway's The Big People opposite Ernest Truex, but the management still is searching for another girl over 6' 2" to be her understudy
August 47 is seen cocktailing with Jimmy Stewart, star of her A Miracle Can Happen
Late August 47 columnist Earl Wilson reports her doing New York City with Curly Harris
September 47 says she and Burgess Meredith are cooking up a picture about a feminine Robin Hood, which they hope to get into production when she finishes the play The Big People
Late September 47 Alvin Adams of the coast branch of Eastern Airlines is mad about her
2 October 47 is among the judges of the Little Club's bubble gum blowing contest
November 48 her new flame is cattle king Philippe Garner
c. 29 April 49 marries James Sterling, a personnel man, in Las Vegas, Nevada
3 June 49 obtains an annulment of her marriage to Sterling in Ventura, California, on the grounds that both were drunk at the time. Her Superior Court suit says the two never lived together after the rites and that she did not know she was a bride until two days after the ceremony. Sterling doesn't contest the suit.
Early June 49 Winchell reports her flying to New York to merge with Ralph Roberts, the cop in The Madwoman of Chaillot
January 50 attends the Desk Arenas opening with Dr. Kurt Grater, the soon-to-be-ex of actress Jean Parker
September 50 columnists Jimmy Fidler and Dorothy Kigallen think she and Grater are altar bound
May 52 will marry Tommy Chambers, an automobile sales manager and tennis star. He's only a half-inch shorter than she is. Friends introduced them at a tennis court.
? marries Thomas B. Chambers
July 53 is in the hospital after losing her expected baby
April 54 divorces auto agency executive Chambers in Los Angeles on her testimony: "He would come home, sit down and look at television. He would eat dinner looking at television. Then he would look at television until he went to sleep. If guests came over he would still look at television. If anyone objected, he turned the set up louder." Chambers gets the television set under a property settlement.
August 54 dates Fred Finklehoff, the ex of Ella Logan
15 October 10 dies at age 88 in Canoga Park, Los Angeles
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