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(Garyfalia Julia Hardy)
26 August 48 is born in Bakersfield, California, to Mr. and Mrs. Ellen Hardy, nee Stavrue. Her father's a cattle auctioneer.
5 October 60 hits the news by being sent home from Beverly Vista Elementary School to change clothes when she wears a dress with shoulder straps, which school officials feel is not suitable for a twelve-year-old seventh grader. Dr. John H. French, the principal suspends her for "willful misconduct."
7 October 60 is suspended from school for five days when she arrives for class in a bright orange / pink flowered muu muu, Hawaii's version of a sack dress. She's the sensation on the school yard. Crowds of screaming, shouting youngsters flock around her until teachers escort her to the principal's office. The school officials object because "picnic clothes don't belong in the classroom." The press tags her the "12-year-old girl with the 34-21-32 figure." Her mother tells the press: "They have been mistreating my daughter since she's been in school."
9 October 60 radio stations KKAA and KFWB announce a plan to finance a two-week trip to Hawaii for her and her mother "in the near future."
63 the father of actor Stuart Whitman introduces her to producer Frank King, who suggests she meet Leon Charles, dialog director at 20th Century-Fox. At an appointment with Charles, cameraman Leon Shamroy casts her for What a Way to Go! The director of the film, J. Lee Thompson, signs her for his next film, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home.
Summer 64 attends private high school
August 64 through her mother, she files a claim for $100,000 against the Beverly Hills school board, charging them with loss of time, health, and education. Elaine Hardy claims that the suspension from class made her daughter ill and required her to be privately tutored.
November 64 actor Richard Crenna is reported "making tracks for MGM to star in When in Doubt, Fake It, an original comedy by Garrett Myles and co-starring her. Gari is described by J. Lee Thompson, who will direct it, as the 'new Ann-Margret.' Besides which she's a blonde."
2 November 69 marries actor Robert Lansing, the ex of actress Emily McLaughlin, in Los Angeles. He's 41; she's 21.
17 May 70 she and Lansing are on TV's "It Takes Two." Others in the show are Jo Anne Worley, Robert Day, Roger Perry, and Dorothy Provine.
6 September 70 her daughter, Alice Lucille, "Alyiki," is born in Los Angeles
April 71 Lansing files divorce action against her in Los Angeles. He's 42; she's 22. His petition asks to have the marriage dissolved because of irreconcilable differences.
November 72 is in Santa Monica court to ask to have child support payments increased from $250 to $750 monthly. She says her mother has helped her to take care of her 2-year-old daughter, Alice, but recently was injured and cannot help any longer. She says she must hire a fulltime governess or send the child to nursery school. Lansing is ordered to appear in court on January 22 for a hearing on her petition.
18 July 81 marries inventor and businessman John W. "Jack" Ryan in Los Angeles. He's 54; she's 32. Ryan is the ex of Zsa Zsa Gabor and designer of Mattel's famous Barbie doll.
? divorces Ryan. He will remarry in 1984 and die at age 65 in Los Angeles in 1991 after a stroke.
12 January 16 dies at age 77
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