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(Alice Jones)
3 January 41 is born in a hospital elevator in Edinburgh, Scotland, to a Welsh father and a Scottish-Irish mother
? attends a convent boarding school in Scotland
? moves with her family to Cardiff, Wales
c. 55 moves with her mother to Quebec, Canada, at age 14
c. 58 moves with her mother to Long Beach, California
? attends Long Beach City College and represents the school at UCLA's Shakespearean Festival
? is named "Miss Port of Long Beach," and "Miss Am-Vet of Post 48"
61 is crowned “Miss Scotland” in the "Miss International Beauty Congress" held in Long Beach, California. She is personally chosen by Hiram McTavish, chief of the order of Scottish Clans.
? wants to join the “Miss California” contest as “Miss Lakewood” but has to enter the pageant as “Miss Scotland”
? attends the “Miss Universe” pageant
? debuts in a commercial for Lifeogen
? is on the Long Beach stage at the Little Theater in The Drunkard and The Boyfriend
July 61 is on the stage of the La Grande Theater in Hollywood in Pajama Tops
1 December 61 is grand marshal of the parade to salute Santa during the All-Southland Band Review at Huntington Beach, California
63 films Who’s Minding the Store? with Jill St. John. Later, she will have no fond memories of her. Her scenes end up on the cutting room floor.
Mid-April 63 photographer Gene Lester introduces her to singer-actor Fabian
June 63 is seen out with Fabian
promotes a comfortable outdoor chaise in local newspapers
July 63 she and fellow beauty queen Gloria Neil, "Miss Trail Blazer," are signed for NBC's "The Lively Ones"
August 63 she and "Miss California," Wendy Lee Douglas, are scheduled to ride in the parade of the Merced County District Fair
the press reports that she would love to have a family of five
63 Movieland reports that Fabian snares her this summer and doesn't let her out of his sight
January 64 advertises for Wate-On
columnist Walter Winchell reports that she and Fabian, "who had marriage plans, let them curdle..."
November 64 is queen of the show at Riverside International Raceway
17 March 66 is on hand to congratulate the winner when the Western Harness Racing Association opens it four-week spring season at Santa Anita
August 66 Winchell tells that "despite Sandy Koufax's denial, starlet Quinn O'Hara's chums say she's very deep in his heart..."
October 66 Winchell knows that she and Koufax "flang it away..."
13 March 67 is on hand to honor a 43-year-old apple-snitching horse at a party of the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, held at Hart County Park in Newhall, Los Angeles
October 68 will be among the guests at a GOP cocktail party to fete Richard Nixon at the Joseph Long home in Orinda, California. Other Hollywood people due to attend are Andy Devine, John Agar, Johnny Grant, Joanne Dru, Deanna Lund, and Ruta Lee.
November 68 Frank Sinatra is reported escorting her and Irene Tsu
December 68 the Pacific Stars & Stripes gives her measurements as 38-23-36
69 is chosen on “The Dating Game” and goes on a chaperoned trip to Nepal. On her way back, via Europe, she gets hung up in London.
Early 70s goes to Africa to visit her father, who works there for an English company. There she falls in love with a guy from Italy.
? goes with her lover to Italy, but they don’t marry
Late 70s returns to Hollywood and moves into real estate
? has a short, unlucky marriage
81 meets Bill Kirk. He’s 21 and twenty years her junior.
c. 86 marries Kirk
92 becomes a U.S. citizen, legally named Alice Kirk
03 works as a nurse for senior citizens
5 May 17 dies at age 76 at her Los Angeles home. Her husband is her sole survivor.
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