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(Livia Elainne Nunn)
4 February 28 is born
Early 50s is a Powers model
25 - 29 May 55 is on stage at the Albuquerque Little Theater in King of Hearts
? is on the Albuquerque stage in The Rainmaker
? marries actor Malcolm Thomas, a.k.a. Ed Kemmer, of "Space Patrol" fame
May 57 she and husband Kemmer claim to drink Tiger's Milk every morning to keep in shape
August 58 makes her third Little Theater appearance in Separate Tables
December 58 is on stage at the Pasadena Playhouse in Waltz of the Toreadors opposite John Abbott
December 59 columnist Mike Connolly tells that "TV starlet Elaine Edwards got a ticket for overtime parking when she drove to Beverly Hills to do some publicity posing with one of the new parking meters there..."
July 66 divorces Kemmer
? receives the "baptism in the holy spirit" through Kathryn Kuhlman at Kuhlman's TV show
76 her Elaine Edwards Prayer Foundation resides at 9915 Roscoe Boulevard, Sun Valley, California
8 February 76 as a "devotee of spiritualism and transcendental meditation," she speaks at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium about "God's Holy Spirit, His nine gifts and His fruit."
26 April 04 dies at age 76
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