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(? Brower)
c. 44 is born in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and is of Spanish and Russian descent. Her father is Harry Brower, a highly decorated detective in the New York City Police Department.
? attends high school in New York
? goes for a Ph.D. in physiology and pharmacology
? studies with Paul Mann and Herbert Berghof
June 63 columnist Mike Connolly tells that "TV starlet Lisa Seagram got a nose-bob and bobbed up at Paramount testing for the Jenny Denton role in The Carpetbaggers
January 64 is on stage in Oh Kay at the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood
March 64 is one of the 12 finalists selected from some 1,000 aspirants for A House is Not a Home
5 June 64 is among show people augmenting the "Miss Pasadena" contests. Others are Barbara Stanwyck, George, Raft, Keenan Wynn, and Peter Brown.
January 65 is seen at the Daisy Club with Dennis Stein
November 65 columnist Harrison Carroll reports her and Sy Bartlett dining with Natalie Wood and her fiancé Ladislav Bealnik
c. 66 is considered for the female lead in Fantastic Voyage but eventually loses out to Raquel Welch
January 66 she and Dave Gerber are noted at the Other Place
April 66 attends Sandra Giles' birthday soiree for Joi Lansing with Robert Rombau
July 66 she and Andy Anderson are among the twosomes at the Daisy Club
September 66 is seen at the Daisy Club with New York art gallery owner David Green
Early October 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells from the Daisy Club: "Most envied man, perhaps, was Las Vegas hotel executive Abe Phillips, who'll open the enlarged Frontier next July. He was with three dolls, Sandra Giles, Lisa Seagram and Dianne Boyd..."
October 66 she and David Roth are among the ringsiders at Choo Choo Collins’ opening at Dino’s Lodge
December 66 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she has turned red-haired and landed her first co-starring role with Terry Thomas in Two Thousand Years Later
67 hopes for the role in Valley of the Dolls that finally goes to Sharon Tate

January 67 attends the party thrown at Paul Wexler's house by Sandra Giles and Sondra Scott with Don Key
June 67 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "Not being Solomon, I can't tell you for sure who Omar Sharif wound up with at the Daisy Club. He seemed to be with Lisa Seagram, but two or three other beauties were in evidence..."
May 68 is featured in Knight
? falls in love with Rome and moves to Italy
Late 70s returns to California
? remarries
? her daughter is born. She will become set dresser.
? works in real estate for 17 years
80s founds Actors 2000 in Hawaii and starts teaching acting
1 February 19 dies in Burbank, California
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