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17 September 33 is born in Olyphant / Scranton, Pennsylvania, the second daughter of Vincent Crowley, a mine foreman, and his wife Helen
c. 41 moves to New York City at age 7
c. 45 begins modeling at 11, becoming a leading teenage model
? is a Conover model
50 during her senior year in high school, she auditions with 350 other hopefuls for her first Broadway assignment and winds up with the feminine lead in Southern Exposure opposite Cameron Mitchell
? wins the Theater World Award as most promising new personality on Broadway
Early 50s is on the Westport, Connecticut, stage in Philadelphia Story
? becomes a New York television actress
September 52 columnist Hedda Hopper reports: "Just a few days ago Anna Lee wrote me from New York: 'My sweet Pat Crowley is in Hollywood testing for Reaching for the Stars at Paramount. She has played my daughter so many times on television I've come to think of her as my own. She's the most talented ingénue I've ever met...'"
July 53 campaigns at Paramount to keep her own name and wins. Other names suggested: Eugenia Boydell, Beryl Barlow, Hyldra Brady, Valery Carrick, Beverly Curran, Hartley Boydell, and Rosalyn Allan.
53 wins her part in Forever Female over Kathy Grant and her Southern drawl
April 53 is noted dating Tab Hunter
September 53 is seen at the Tallyho with singer Vic Damone
17 September 53 on her 20th birthday, she's off to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a cover picture and layout story in a national magazine
January 54 is on Tab Hunter’s dating list along with Debbie Reynolds and Lori Nelson
February 54 is reported back from the Texas premiere of Red Garters
March 54 Van Heflin and Joan Evans assist her in burying the time capsule filled with film mementoes on the first anniversary of the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas
April 54 has only a publicity romance with Vic Damone
columnist Walter Winchell tells: "After all that Hollywood build-up, lovely Pat Crowley still checks with her father for date-approval..."
June 54 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: "Dick Egan has flipped over young actress Pat Crowley..."
August 54 dates Vic Damone
she and June Allyson test for the role of Sarah in Goldwyn's upcoming Guys and Dolls
columnist Erskine Johnson thinks her "biggest secret is cameraman Jimmy Lebenthal..."
May 55 the press tells she went to high school in NYC with Ben Cooper
July 55 her sister, Ann Crowley, a Broadway musical and television star, marries Dr. Stephen N. Jones
March 56 columnist Walter Winchell writes: "Pat Crowley's beau is James Lebenthal of Life..."
April 56 will play the title role in Peter Pan, the opening musical at the Starlight Theater, from June 18 till 24
? meets her future husband, Ed G. Hookstratten, while appearing on the Los Angeles stage in Kiss Me Kate / while filming Hollywood or Bust
Mid-December 56 announces in Hollywood that she's engaged to Edward Gregory Hookstratten, a University of California law student. She says they will be married in February in Palm Springs. Neither has been wed before.
Early January 57 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that her parents will fly in from New York for her wedding. "The affianced pair plan to honeymoon in Acapulco and Hawaii."
2 February 58 marries Hookstratten. Both are 24. He will become a renowned Beverly Hills attorney specializing in show business and sports personalities like Elvis Presley, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Joey Bishop and John McKay.
5 May 58 her son, Jon C., is born in Los Angeles
August 58 is signed as co-star of the "Elfego Baca" series on ABC-TV
columnist Hedda Hopper tells that Pat bought the hilltop eagle nest home of Hopalong Cassidy in Hollywood "but before moving in she had a burglar alarm installed..."
February 59 is on hand to dig the first shovel of earth breaking ground for the Thalians Clinic for emotionally disturbed children in Los Angeles. Other celebrities at the event are Lori Nelson, Debbie Reynolds, and Barbara and Margaret Whiting.
December 59 is considered for a new TV series based on "I Remember Caviar,” a light half hour drama in which she starred last year
March 60 advises single gals: "Get married and start living"
16 March 60 her nephew, 11-month-old Christopher Noland Jones, dies of a fever at the Rockville, Maryland, home of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Jones, the former Ann Crowley.
21 December 60 her daughter, Ann, is born in Los Angeles
22 January 61 her father dies at age 58 of a heart attack in New York
66 the Hookstrattens reside in a four-bedroom house in Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills
March 66 the press tells that she has tranquility at home after bedlam on her "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" NBC-TV show. "The Hookstrattens entertain at small dinner parties at least once a week. Frequently Ed joins Pat in the kitchen to turn out Mexican specialties, German dishes and rib roasts. Most of their friends are outside the show biz sphere."
13 April 71 she and Juli Reding Hutner are among the celebrity patronesses for the Uppity Night at the Races benefit held at Hollywood Park
February 73 as Pat Crowley Hookstratten, she's among the celebrity models at the Moms 'n' Moppets Fashion Show held at the Los Angeles Room of the Century Plaza Hotel
February 76 hailed one of Hollywood's best dressed women. Her 17-year-old son is a junior golf champion at the family's country club and her daughter, a 15-year-old tennis whiz. The Hookstrattens reside in a Beverly Hills Georgia mansion, professionally decorated in French country style.
April 77 is maid of honor at producer Bob Evans' wedding to sports broadcaster Phyllis George in a private ceremony at his Beverly Hills estate. George is also a client of her husband.
? divorces Hookstratten
86 marries producer Andy Friendly
9 December 05 is en route to Honolulu with her husband for a vacation when they encounter an agitated fellow air passenger who allegedly threatens to harm a baby on the plane. Chaos erupts on Northwest Airlines Flight 91, carrying 170 passengers and crew, just moments before landing. “This guy just bolted and screamed as he flew by,” she says. “He was headed for the cockpit when this fabulous stewardess just grabbed him by the collar and he screamed again.” Andy Friendly said he and another passenger named Mike were forced into action when the unruly passenger tried to storm into the cockpit. “It took Mike and I—we’re both fairly big guys—all of our strength just to wrestle him down. And then a couple of other large gentlemen from coach came and helped us.” Friendly said he just wanted to subdue the man before the situation could get worse. “You don’t know if he’s trying to break down the cockpit door—whether he had a weapon on him or some kind of explosive. All those thoughts go through your mind,” he said. Santiago Lol Tizon, a 37-year-old Mexican national, was restrained with plastic handcuffs and taken into federal custody.
? resides in Los Angeles
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