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(Veronica Mary Glazier)
18 September 44 is born in Yorkshire, England
? spends much of her childhood in Germany, where her father is stationed with the British Armed Forces
? studies art at the High Wycombe College of Technology and Design
? graduates from college with a bachelor’s degree
67 is among the beauties in Casino Royale
? is discovered when appearing in a bikini on the front page of The Daily Mirror. Producer Jimmy Carreras casts her for Dracula Has Risen from the Grave.
? she and Barry Andrews audit for director Freddie Francis
April - May 68 films Dracula Has Risen from the Grave at Pinewood Studios the same time Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is filmed there. Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howe visit the set.
November 68 is pictured posing near London on her home-made vintage car
69 her father is reported involved with the building of the French-British SST airliner, the Concorde
1 March 74 marries Sydney Charles Love two days before filming of The Ghoul starts. He's 43; she's 29.
? moves with her husband to Coventry and gets involved with his work
June 76 her daughter, Carly Louise, is born in Kent
April 79 her son Adam C. is born
January 81 her son Marcus A. is born
c. early 80s relocates with her family to the States
84 is the mother of three
29 - 30 July 00 attends the Classic Film Fest at the Hyatt Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia, along with Yvonne Monlaur, Linda Harrison, Betsy Jones-Moreland, and Margaret O’Brien, amongst others
07 as Veronica M. Love, she resides with her family in Sarasota / Osprey, Florida
27 February 22 dies at age 77
Little Shoppe of Horrors by Richard and Nancy Klemensen, Screen Portraits,
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