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(Dorothy Wilma Davis)
3 June 21 is born in St-Boniface, Canada, the daughter of R. E. Davis, a conductor on the Winnipeg C.N.R., and his wife Eva
c. 34 wins a beauty contest at a Caterer’s picnic at Grand Beach at age 13. She fibs about her age saying she’s 16.
? takes dancing lessons from the Fleurette McCurlig dancing school
? attends Mulvey Grammar School and Kelvin High School in Winnipeg
? models for the Hudson Bay Company in Winnipeg
? goes with her mother to New York on a holiday
? becomes a famous Powers model, familiar to millions as the Chesterfield Girl
39 marries Joseph Lynn Patrick, Canadian professional ice hockey centre, playing for the New York Rangers. He’s about 29; she’s about 18.
2 May 40 her son Lester Lee is born in New York. He will die at age 66 in 1996 in Los Angeles.
? enters the Jesse Lasky Gateway to Hollywood contest and ends up as the New York winner
c. 44 her son Terry is born
? divorces Patrick, who will die from the aftereffects of a car crash at age 67 in 1980 in St. Louis.
c. 44 / 45 goes to California and is cast for an amateur Hollywood theater group’s version of The Last of Miss Cheyney
? is spotted by talent scout Billy Grady, which leads to a silent screen test in a scene of The Green Years
July 45 denies any romantic interests and has nothing to say on the subject of men. “I’d rather sit home with a good book.”
is on hand to pass a trophy at the 12th annual Amarillo Horse Show
March 46 lives in a home near the MGM studio with her mother; her grandmother, Hannah Johnstone; and her two sons, 5-year-old Lester and 1-year-old Terry
July 46 columnist Walter Winchell knows: “Robert Walker of the films and Dorothy Patrick are swapping little white Julys...”
December 46 is reported anxious to play Kay Dorrance in The Hucksters opposite Clark Gable, but the part goes to British newcomer Deborah Kerr
the press tells: “Actress Dorothy Patrick and film director Arthur Lubin are that way about each other, burning up long distance wires between the two coasts...”
April 47 columnist Sheila Graham reports: “It won’t be Janet Leigh after all for the romantic lead in Alias a Gentleman and I know she’ll be heartbroken because she was very excited over getting the part. Donna Reed is not taking over - it’s to be Dorothy Patrick instead...”
April 47 is reported flying to New Orleans to be with her new boyfriend, a New Orleans lawyer
February 49 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “L. B. Mayer’s nephew Jerry and starlet Dorothy Patrick are Yahoney...”
July 49 during the filming of House by the River, director Fritz Lang has her spending an entire day uncomfortably doubled up in a sack instead of using a double
September 49 columnist Louella Parsons reports: “Lew Ayres’ smiles are for Dorothy Patrick...”
September 51 she, Marta Toren, Robert Young and starlet Ann Doran, are off to Pierre, South Dakota, to promote Hollywood’s Movietime U.S.A. campaign
16 March 55 marries J. Hugh Davis, ex-executive vice president of Foote, Cone & Belding advertising, at his Bel-Air home. He was formerly married to actress Jennifer Holt.
January 63 divorces Davis, a Chicago advertising executive. Columnist Mike Connolly expects her “to come back to Hollywood and resume her career on TV...”
18 April 76 marries Harold Hammerman, founder and president of Allied Builders, one of the biggest home modernization firms in the country. He’s 61; she’s 54.
31 May 87 as Dorothy Wilma Patrick, she dies at age 65 in Los Angeles, California. Hammerman will die at age 89 in Los Angeles in 2004.
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