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Alyce & Rhae Andrece
Alyce & Rhae Andrece
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(Alice Rhae Bielfeldt & Rhae Alice Bielfeldt)
5 September 36 are born in Thornton, Illinois, to Alice Ruth Bielfeldt, nee Inthout
August 40 they and their mother are noted in local newspapers
May 54 play Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the senior class play, Alice in Wonderland, at Harvey High School in Harvey, Illinois
May 59 are honor students at Thornton Junior College in Thornton, Illinois
67 issue their album, The Sound of Feeling, produced by jazz critic Leonard Feather
March 67 are among the identical twins promoting the upcoming Peter Gunn. The others are Suzanne and Louanne Robaire, Kay and Ann Hughes, Fleurette Carter and Candy Ward (duplicate cousins), Helen and Midori Funai, Des and Anita Loo, May and Kay Galbreath, Jane and Joan Ryha.
July 68 they and Gary David perform with their group, The Sound, at the Newport, Rhode Island, Jazz Festival
December 68 reside at 4616 Vista Del Monte Avenue, Sherman Oaks, California
12 July 91 their mother dies at age 93 in San Diego
14 May 05 Alyce dies at age 68 in California
2 March 09 Rhae dies at age 72 in Northridge, California
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