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(Kirsten Lindholm Andreassen)
1 September 43 is born in Odense, on the island of Fyn, Denmark
? moves with her family to New Zealand while still a child. Her father, Paul Andreassen, builds a beautiful home for the family and invests in real estate.
? is an outstanding scholar and becomes an expert ballroom dancer
? graduates from Otahuhu College
? enrolls at Auckland University, majoring in languages
? becomes a member of the University’s Dramatic Society and acts in a number of plays
? starts modeling for New Zealand newspapers and doing television advertisements for shampoo and other products
? marries young English professor John Betts, who lectures in Latin and Greek at the local university
66 when Betts leaves to take up a post at Bristol University, England, she joins him a month later
70 renames herself Kirsten Lindholm
? meets London pop musician-turned-Capital Records producer Victor Harvey Briggs III, who now calls himself Yogi Vikram Singh. A few months later, she falls in love with Vikram.
? when Yogi Bhajan calls Vikram to return to California, she goes with him
May 72 marries Victor H. Briggs in Mendocino County, California. They settle in Marin County near San Francisco.
14 February 73 her first daughter, Pritamki K., is born in California
75 she and her husband move back to Southern California
? her second daughter is born in Anaheim
77 she and her husband are appointed as co-directors of the Guru Ram Das Ashram of San Diego, where they run a yoga center, train yoga teachers and are the ministers for the Sikh community of San Diego
79 travels with her husband to India
? renames herself Elandra
08 as Elandra Kirsten Meredith she resides with her husband in Hawaii
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