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(Patricia Betsy Hrunek)
1 November 26 is born in East Chicago, Indiana, of Czechoslovakian descent to Rudolph V. Hrunek, an industrial chemist, and his wife, Mary L. Hrunek, who operates a business school
? works as a stenographer with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
49 graduates from DePaul University with a bachelor’s decree in dramatic arts
? changes her name to Betsy Palmer, using her mother’s maiden name
? is in Chicago summer stock with Imogene Coca and Mady Christians
c. 50 is crowned “Miss Liberty”
51 moves to New York and starts theater work
8 May 54 marries Dr. Vincent “Vinnie” Joseph Merendino, a New York gynecologist and obstetrician. He’s 37; she’s 26.
? is in Broadway’s floppish Grand Prize
56 the Merendinos reside in Greenwich Village
May 56 she and her husband visit Jamaica
August 56 is a panelist on “Masquerade Party”
October 56 columnist Earl Wilson tells that Linda Darnell will replace her on “Masquerade Party”
rejects a third Columbia script, risking suspension
57 starts as a panelist on “I’ve Got a Secret” as a substitute for Faye Emerson
June 58 the Merendinos buy a Georgian house in Englewood, New Jersey
Fall 62 her daughter Melissa, “Missy,” is born
65 is in a revival of South Pacific
March 66 Earl Wilson notes her and her husband “armed in arm to Girl Talk to spike separation rumors...”
April 66 tours the States in Peter Pan
January 68 stars in Broadway’s Cactus Flower
71 divorces Merendino after 19 years of marriage. He will die at age 90 in New Jersey in 2007.
? moves to Rowayton, Connecticut
December 77 is on the New York stage opposite Don Murray in Same Time, Next Year
03 attends the Asheville Film Festival in Asheville, North Carolina
29 May 15 dies at age 88 in Danbury, Connecticut, of natural causes
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