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1 May 29 is born in Chickasha, Oklahoma
? her family moves to California when she’s still a child
? wins several contests as a child model
? attends Pepperdine College in Los Angeles
June 49 will preside as queen of the American Legion’s 17th Annual Charity Ball fireworks display and circus, which will be held at the Los Angeles Coliseum on the 3rd and 4th
August 50 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports that “Shirley Temple’s ex-husband, John Agar, is writing daily love letters to Mona Knox…”
October 50 columnist Erskine Johnson tells that “Mona Knox, a brunette beauty, who resembles Liz Taylor, is the reason for John Agar’s jaunty air these days…
November 50 Kilgallen informs that “Susan Morrow is helping John Agar forget Dody Gardner who helped him forget Mona Knox who helped him forget Wanda Hendrix who helped him forget Shirley Temple…”
December 50 is Vic Damone’s latest
51 resides in Lynwood, California
is featured in Glamorous Models
January 51 dates Dan Daily at the Mocambo
May 51 is pictured among starlets looking for hubbies. The others are Sue Casey, Suellen Weire, Blanche Taylor, and Pat Hall.
June 51 she and Sy Barlett are noted at the Fox and Hounds
September 51 is Milton Earle's date at El Morocco
February 52 columnist Jack Lait reports that she and Kirk Douglas are “meeting every midnight together…”
Lait mentions that she has shifted to Dan Daily
April 52 the press reveals: “Even the starlets are having rip-roaring feuds in Hollywood these days. Latest entries in the sweepstakes: Claudette Thornton, Bob Stack’s flame in one corner and Mona Knox, a Nicky Hilton favourite, in the other.”
May 52 columnist Walter Winchell heralds: “Mona is MGM producer Joseph Pasternak’s top consoler since the break-up with Dorothy Darrell…”
June 52 columnist Edith Gwynn relates: “Mona Knox and Steve Crane continuing their cooing at The Crescendo, where the sweet singing of Carlo Ravazza is a big hit…”
July 52 dates Nick Hilton at the Mocambo
November 52 she and Kirk Douglas “have discovered each other in a big way”
January 53 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Myrna Dell is helping console Diana Lynn’s estranged mate, John Lindsay. They were a dinner foursome with Steve Crane and Mona Knox…”
March 53 her “love fest with Steve Crane is cooling, if not on ice by now…”
May 53 columnist Erskine Johnson makes known: “Lana Turner’s ex Steve Crane and Mona Knox have patched it up now that French movie queen Martine Carole has instructed her lawyer to get a default divorce. Mona has assured her parents that there will be a marriage.”
July 53 is seen with Jerry Ohrbach and Joe Schenck at Ciro’s
her date at Mocambo is Andy McIntire
September 53 columnist Walter Winchell reveals: “Lew Ayres has found Mona Knox and intends the field to hold her…”
November 53 is noted back with Steve Crane at the Mocambo
columnist Harrison Carroll circulates: “And a few tables farther removed was Steve Crane’s one-time girlfriend, Mona Knox, with her new Belgian beau, Paul Van de Veld. And none of the ex-loves table-hopped.”
is seen at the Tail of the Cock
February 54 she and Joan Tyler are roommates with Susan Zanuck in Manhattan. “All three trying for TV.”
Winchell reports Franchot Tone “surrounded by Mona Knox and other gorgeous girls at Billingsley’s table 50…"
columnist Louis Sobol describes: “A crowded night at Little Club finds Franchot Tone with Mona Knox, Dolores Grey with Milton Rachmill, Nancy Berg with Bill Mauldin and Pietro Mele with Zina Rachevsky…”
columnist Earl Wilson divulges that Sherry Britton “stomped out of Linday’s after starlet Mona Knox told her ‘Leave Franchot Tone alone – he’s mine.’ Sherry had just been sitting with the group…”
April 54 is seen at The Little Club with Lili St. Cyr and Franchot Tone
May 54 Tone gives her a farewell party at 21
July 54 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that she “is back in New York after making a picture in Denmark and probably will fly to Chicago to see Steve Crane while he is there…”
August 54 is a duet with Franchot Tone at Leslie House
September 54 she and Tone are a daily double at Leslie House
Winchell knows: “Betty Hutton’s recent groom, Charles O’Curran, is living it up with Mona Knox…”
is seen with Charles O’Curron at the Gilmore’s opening
February 55 Winchell proclaims: “Charles Chaplin, Jr., just found out that moon and spoon rhyme with poon…”
March 55 is seen with Charlie O’Curran at Jack’s at the Beach
May 55 Winchell ponders: “Pals wonder if Mona Knox and Mexican film idol Cantinflas are secretly sealed…”
Winchell returns to her: “Mexico’s Cantinflas and Mona Knox wonder who planted the rumor about them.”
October 55 the press tells that Harry Richman hired her to appear in his Broadway show
November 55 Winchell reports “Joe DiMaggio, Mona Knox and Martin Kimmel doing the Park Avenue hit…”
January 56 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows that “Mona Knox and Joe DiMaggio have cooled.”
February 56 columnist Earl Wilson clues us in that her escort is a well-known theatrical figure...
May 56 Winchell mentions “Dick Egan and Mona Knox at the Copa…”
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen imparts that “Gloria DeHaven’s ex, Martin Kimmel, has being doing his hand holding with Mona Knox at the Eden Roc hide-away room…”
August 56 columnist Lee Mortimer lets it be known that Joe DiMaggio’s last date before flying to the coast was with pretty Mona Knox at the Villa Victor in Glen Cove
November 56 is seen with Jack Lemmon at the Luau
January 57 columnist Erskine Johnson notes “recently divorced Jack Lemmon dating Mona Knox”
May 57 Winchell reports from New York: “Mona Knox has flipped her suds over George Roberts, the H’wood beerionaire…”
June 59 Winchell explains: “Mona Knox cancelled things with her psychoanalyst beau. The same medico who gave Kim Novak her intellectual kicks…”
June 60 columnist Earl Wilson expects her to marry Dr. Leslie Spicer of Los Angeles
6 August 60 marries Dr. Leslie Spicer in Los Angeles
August 60 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: “Hear that Mona Knox and Dr. Leslie Spicer went and got married, will honeymoon later…"
29 June 61 her son, Leslie John, is born in Los Angeles
? asks that support for her son be increased from $360 to $500 a month
29 April 64 has to take a cut in child support because Spicer tells Judge Roger Alton Pfaff that his business slacked off and he can’t afford $360 a month. The court reduces the payments to $250 monthly.
84 resides in West Hollywood
11 June 08 as Mona O. Knox, she dies at age 76 of heart failure in a West Hollywood, California, hospital
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