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(Patricia Ann Mowry)
4 February 33 is born in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire to Charles and Lillian Mowry
> takes singing lessons
? marries William Donnelly
51 competes for the title of Mrs. America
24 February 51 her daughter, Lynda Jea is born
28 May 53 her daughter, Suzanne C is born
55 is crowned Miss New Hampshire U.S.A
is featured in the Lake Winnepesaukee at the Weirs Beach Area tourist guide
June 55 competes for the title of Miss Universe in Long Beach, California
? uses the stage name, Pat Winters
dates Elvis Presley
November 57 is seen at the Sy Devore-Saul Meadows costume party
December 57 is reportedly engaged to Paul Hornung, a running back for the Green Bay Packers
2 June 59 marries actor Charles "Chuck" George Wassil in Los Angeles County, California
12 July 59 the Los Angeles Times reports that her house on Willow Glen Road burned down. She says "I wouldn't think of living any other place."
? divorces Wassil
26 August 00 is the owner of Purrfect Solutions Feline Rescue Inc, a feline rescue sanctuary.
10 Paul Hornung says in his autobiography Golden Boy that the engagement to Pat Mowry in 1957 was a publicity stunt
20 is quoted in Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!: Deep Inside Valley of the Dolls, the Most Beloved Bad Book and Movie of All Time as saying "Patty Duke was a little twit. She had absolutely no interest in being the least bit kind or friendly to anyone she didn't think was on her level."
21 March 22 retires from Purrfect Solutions Feline Rescue
22 lives in Escondido, California
14 March 23 dies in her sleep in North Hills, California
April 23 is featured in Quad-City Times
Star-News, Amarillo Globe-Times, The Bridgeport Telegram, Quad-City Times, Patricia Winters
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