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Eve Bernhardt
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(Evelyn S Bernard)
7 December 30 is born in Ohio
53 signs with RKO Studios
has a pet collie
June 53 is a finalist for Miss Beauty Parade
23 January 55 models at the Automobile Show at the Pan-Pacific
March 55 is titled "Queen of Flowers"
May 55 is a finalist for Queen of Home Show
November 55 stars in The Nutcracker Fantasy hosted by the Opera Reading Club of Hollywood
56 is crowned "Miss Van Nuys
11 June 56 places 3rd for the title of "Miss National Truck Show"
? is crowned "Miss Los Angeles Fire Department"
7 February 58 stars in the stage production of The Derelict of the San Fernando Valley in Tarzana, California
January 59 is crowned "Miss Lasting Impression"
24 September 60 stars in the stage production of Drunkards at the Corbin Playhouse in Tarzana, California
May 62 is crowned "Queen of Fire Service Day"
October 62 is crowned "Miss Casa de Cadillac"
14 February 70 marries Edwin Richard Brown (also known as Edwin Reynolds and Richard Harwood) in Los Angeles
8 December 70 her daughter, Elizabeth Theresa, is born
17 February 14 dies
Los Angeles Times, Valley Times, The Redondo Reflex, Elizabeth Reynolds
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