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(Bobette Ann Bentley)
16 June 33 is born in Chicago, Illinois to Robert and Gladys "Fletcher" Bentley
? is raised in Georgia
21 January 43 performs at a puppet show as "Miss Victory" at Alta Loma School
8 March 50 stars in the stage production of Life with Father at Los Angeles High School
June 51 is a technical advisor for On the Loose (1951). She says "One of the first things we did was to assure everybody that high school pupils don't use funny words and funny phrases.Those are for junior high kids..."
? graduates from Los Angeles High School
23 October 52 is an attendant to Janet Anderson, who was chosen Queen of the Trojans at the University of Southern California
7 December 52 is crowned California's Maid of Cotton at the Rainbow Ballroom
? says that she is allergic to wool
30 December 52 places 3rd in the National Maid of Cotton pageant
53 is signed by RKO Pictures, where she will appear in Son of Sinbad (1955)
14 May 53 leads the Cotton Parade for National Cotton Week by the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce
19 October 53 is elected vice-president of the Associated Students at the University of Southern California
June 54 graduates from the University of Southern California
1 July 54 marries James W. Halverson
27 July 54 says in an interview with Claire Cox that "college has meant an increase in my appreciation... not only for my countrymen, but for the other people of this wide world."
1 August 54 is declared a finalist for America's Prettiest Schoolgirl, where she will compete on the Colgate Comedy Hour with Dennis O'Keefe
? studies drama with the Anthony Quinn Acting Group
April 57 is crowned Miss Burgermeister
20 October 57 columnist Anne Sonne reports that "Bobette's been a mother, a siren, a coed, and a hairdresser, all in one day, but that's the life of a model..."
is featured in the Los Angeles Times Family
8 May 60 her daughter, Jamie J is born
31 October 64 her daughter, Kristin L is born
8 December 18 becomes a licensed real estate agent
21 March 20 dies in Malibu, California
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