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Julie Robinson
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14 September 28 is born
47 studies at the Katherine Dunham School of Dancing
16 August 52 Izzy Rowe reports that "back from an important operation on her toe is Julie Robinson, who is in a hurry to return to the Katherine Dunham troupe on the continent."
18 May 54 Hedda Hopper reports that "Julie Robinson, who made her film debut in Mambo, has impressed so favorably that she is remaining there for a motion picture career... she has been offered parts in Italian films, and a TV series."
26 November 54 Erskine Johnson writes that "There's a shapely reason why some people think Marlon Brando may not wed Josiane Mariani and her name is Julie Robinson, a dancer. Saw her almsot every night during his recent visit to Rome..."
9 April 55 Louella Parsons says that "No one in Ciro's was prouder than Shelly Winters when Julie Robinson, who was in her picture Mambo in Italy, stepped in with the Katherine Dunham dancers with only one day's rehearsal."
6 July 55 Walter Winchell writes that "Julie Robinson gets her big break in Kismet (1955)..."
18 July 55 Edwin Schallert reports that "Julie Robinson, who was observed by Director Vincente Minnelli when she danced with the Katherine Dunham Dancers at Ciro's some weeks ago, gets the important part of Princess Zubbediya in Kismet (1955). She was with the Dunham troupe in Mambo, Paramount release, which was shot in Italy, but this new assignment will mean much more. She is being flown in from the East."
? is introduced to Harry Belafonte on the set of Carmen Jones by Marlon Brando, who was dating Julie
8 March 57 marries singer Harry Belafonte in Tecate, Mexico
? her son David is born
20 November 60 appears in Belafonte
? her daughter Gina is born
04 divorces Belafonte. Belafonte will die at age 96 in April 2023 in New York City.
22 lives in New York City
9 March 24 dies at age 95 in New York City, New York

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