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(Margaret "Betty" Jean Onge)
11 October 32 is born in Colorado to George and Mildred Onge
27 April 44 dances in the Junior Ballet Recital, organized by the Brentwood Parent-Teacher Association
18 September 47 Alice Montrose reports that "Betty Onge and Don Moist appear to be pretty serious about each other "
26 September 47 accompanies Bob Robin to the "Hello Dance" at Van Nuys High School
50 is crowned Miss Photographic Model
23 March 50 appears on Hollywood Opportunity where she wins a radio
April 50 is one of 11 May Day Princesses. Others include Mary Burtis and Marcia Hutchinson.
1 May 50 is crowned May Day Queen
? graduates from Van Nuys High School
October 50 models at the Van Nuys Fall Fashion Fiesta
March 51 is featured in Glamorous Models
October 51 is featured in Focus
52 marries James Leon Roberts
30 March 52 is featured in The Hawaii Weekly
30 May 52 Harrison Carroll reports "The day after Bob Hope's kissing scenes with Betty Onge in Road to Bali (1953), she comes down with measels."
? is on the committee of Girl Scout Troop #64
February 55 her son Steven is born
August 63 her son James is born
25 February 05 dies in Ventura, California
The Van Nuys News, The Beatrice Times
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