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(Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg)
29 September 31 is born in Malmo, Sweden
51 is crowned "Miss Sweden"
visits the U.S. to compete for the "Miss Universe" title and is signed by Universal-International
her lover Scott Brady introduces her to famous Hollywood cheesecake photographer Bruno Bernard and asks him to promote her
has an affair with Tyrone Power during the filming of her first movie, Mississippi Gambler
52 starts an affair with Gary Cooper. Confidential covers this story of sex and alcohol. Finally, Cooper returns to his wife.
continues with Yul Brynner, who teaches her the pleasure of the whip, and Frank Sinatra
dines with Sinatra, and Bogart and Bacall at Romanoff's
declines Hughes' offer to sign with RKO
Bernard introduces her to actor-director Hugo Haas, who declines her for being too sexy
visits the troops in Alaska with Bob Hope's U.S.O. tour
54 John Wayne's Batjac company offers her her first serious contract
July 55 has a battle with Wayne's Batjac company, but Wayne relents, and she is more than appreciative
November 55 attends the Victory Ball with Hal Hayes, one of her many beaus
is rushed into Arlene Dahl's part in War and Peace, to be filmed in Rome
December 55 is first-nighting with young actor Jeff Richards
serious about his career, Jeff Richards takes her home at nine when he's working
attends Sammy Davis, Jr.'s opening at Ciro's
56 dances barefoot at the excessive Roman birthday-party for Peter Howard, heir to the Vanderbilt fortune. The restaurant is closed by the police, and Howard is dragged out of Italy.
April 56 gets more publicity than any other star in Hollywood
meets her future husband, British actor Anthony Steel, during a Royal Command Performance, where she's introduced to Queen Elizabeth II
22 May 56 marries Anthony Steel in Florence, Italy
August 56 refuses to pose for any more photos undressed. The square-cut emerald ring, flanked by 12 diamonds that Anthony Steel put on her proper finger, set him back $24,000, or so they say
September 56 while marrying Anthony Steel in Rome, she wears her glamorous mink coat, despite the fact that it is a mighty hot day in Italy
had some quiet dinners for two with British actor Michael Rennie the weeks before her marriage to Tony, but they are just "good friends." She met Tony at the London Savoy and went with him to The Conqueror.
May 57 bags $6,500 from Wadsworth Home in Chicago for a three-hour publicity take
58 confesses to her mother she can't stand Steel's jealousy anymore
January 59 separates from Steel
14 May 59
receives her divorce in Santa Monica, charging extreme mental cruelty and testifying that Steel was insanely jealous. Steel will marry former "Miss Austria" Hannerl Melcher in 1964.
Early 60s has a three-year affair with Gianni Agnelli, president of Fiat car company. To hide this affair, she flirts in public with Italian actor Franco Silva.
9 April 63 marries actor Rick Van Nutter at the town hall in Viganello, near Lugano, Switzerland
buys a residence on the beach of Sabaudia, Italy. She becomes pregnant, but loses the child while filming The Mongols in Yugoslavia.
Van Nutter buys a silver Rolls-Royce on her account and talks her into leaving Italy and making her home in Geneva, Switzerland. She becomes pregnant again.
her mother dies, and she loses her second baby
64 has a child with Van Nutter and makes her home in Europe
Late 60s when Van Nutter wants to move again to Cannes and sells her villa in Sabaudia, she looses her patience and files for divorce
29 May 70 forces Van Nutter with physical power to approve a divorce
Mid-70s makes her home in Rome with two Danes, two sheep, a goat, and six ducks
hits the low point of her career with a nightclub act in Munich's Moulin Rouge
11 January 15 dies at age 83 in Rocca di Papa, Italy
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