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(Emilia Silvestre)
28 July 33 is born in Chicago, Illinois
? studies singing and piano
18 February 55 competes for the title of Miss City of Hope with the City of Hope Telethon
55 replaces Teresa Giorgian (Miss Chicago of 1949) on Your Figure Ladies, who leaves the television series to get married
57 is crowned Popcorn Queen
? appears on the Dinah Shore Show and the Fran Allison Show
15 September 68 stars in Something Different at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
23 September 75 stars in The Gingerbread Lady with Janis Paige at the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
30 January 24 is interviewed by Samuel Claesson
recalls about getting cast in North by Northwest (1959), "It was being filmed in Chicago, and they needed some actors for various scenes. My agent, Lee Armentrout, cast me and 664 others to fill those scenes. It wasn’t anything important. You can see me in the background in the airport segment. I didn’t have dialogue, I don’t get residuals, and I’ve never gotten fan mail for it."
says of Janis Paige, "She was probably the nicest woman I’ve worked with. I was cast as a replacement for this actress named Betsy von Furstenberg who was just difficult and awful to the people on set. On the first day of rehearsals, Janis said to me, “it’s so refreshing to work with somebody nice.”"
Chicago Tribune, Ami Silvestre
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