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Wendy Wilde
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(Joyce Sondra Greenfield)
23 August 33 is born in Los Angeles, California
? is a switchboard operator
29 September 52 marries Elliott Rubin
? changes her name to Wendy Wilde, as her agent tells her that she's a pixie-type in reference to Peter Pan
secures an agent, Bob Payton, who's a former vaudeville actor
appears in You Bet Your Life and Matinee Theater
lives at the Hollywood Studio Club, where she'll meet her eventual lifelong friend, actress Nan Peterson
gets Barbara Eden a modeling gig
27 January 57 models at the 15th California Lamp, Picture, and Accessories Show
3 February 57 is Larry Finley's cigarette girl on KTLA
11 October 57 stars in the stage production of The Skin of Our Teeth at the Little Rep Theater
58 is featured in TV Guide
8 August 58 Sidney Skolsky says that she's "one of the town's prettiest redheads."
17 August 58 cites her measurements as 35-23-34
8 November 58 stars in the stage production of Used Car for Sale at the Ritz Theater
19 March 59 Allen Rich reports that "Wendy Wilde is back home at the Hollywood Studio Club after her jaunt to Phoenix to participate in two episodes of 26 Men
17 July 59 is puzzled by the fact that she keeps getting cast as someone with larcenous or murderous intent
10 April 60 marries Maurice LaPlante
October 61 is featured in TV Girls and Gags
July 62 is featured in TV Girls and Gags
? works at a wallpaper store
71 marries James C. Rogers
24 is featured in Western Clippings
Valley Times, Lexington Herald-Leader, Los Angeles Times, Joyce Rogers
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