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(Patsy Maxine Emanuel)
23 August 26 is born in Romayer, Texas
12 November 42 is declared a 'wizard' in sewing
43 graduates from Hardin High School
? models for Neiman-Marcus
is employed at a shipbuilding company
is voted one of the ten most beautiful girls in Houston by Todd-Houston
September 46 is discovered by talent scout Alexander Paal in Dallas, Texas, who flies her to Hollywood
21 November 46 Reba Churchill reports that "Pat Emery, Texas photographer's model, has been signed by Metro and will maker her film debut in Green Dolphin Street (1947). In the film, Pat appears as a rival of Lana Turner and Donna Reed for the affections of the story's hero, Richard Hart."
27 November 46 Lowell Redelings reports that "Henry Willson, who still has Diana Lynn on his mind, took Pat Emery, a looker, to dinner at Ciro's
December 46 is featured in Vogue
January 47 is featured in Bazaar
47 is a twosome with Clark Gable
January 48 models swimsuits at the California Apparel Creators' Market Week
48 marries Dempsie Henley
3 August 55 her son, Scott is born
17 October 18 dies in Liberty, Texas
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