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Randy Allen
Randy Allen
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(Patricia Lee Allen)
3 December 29 is born in San Francisco to Austin Ketchum and Grace Allen
? as Randa Allen, she studies dance with Mickey Renard
? studies at the University of Southern California
51 joins the Crescent Theater Group
? is crowned Miss Home Freezer
27 March 52 showcases garments at V-ette Whirlpool Bras
21 July 52 is crowned Queen of the National Rabbit Week
13 December 53 marries Lee Carroll
November 52 stars in the stage productions of Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'! and Little Claus at the Ring Theater
2 June 54 is arrested on gambling charges in Santa Monica. She pleads not guilty.
60 marries Raymond J. Kerr
26 February 65 is injured in an auto accident near Pacifica, California. Her friend, Ray A. Dopp, died in the accident.
? marries Mr. Rollins
12 October 88 dies
San Francisco Examiner
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