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6 February 17 is born in Budapest, Hungary, to Jolie Tilleman, debutante and heiress to a jewelry fortune, and Major Vilmos Gabor, a Hungarian officer. Her sisters are Magda and Eva Gabor.
spends $300 a month while a schoolgirl in Switzerland
36 / 37 / 38 enters the "Miss Hungary" pageant and allegedly places second
? under the name of Georgia Gabor, she’s a curvy chorus girl at the Club Femina in Vienna, Austria
? at age 17 she marries the Turkish diplomat / foreign affairs minister Burhan Belge in Budapest, Hungary. He’s twice her age.
spends her honeymoon night on the Simplon Express heading for Turkey. Later she will claim that the marriage was never consummated.
on their honeymoon journey the Belges visit King Zog of Albania
in Turkey she attracts the attention of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. He’s 57. She will claim their ensuing liaison lasted for several months.
on the occasion of her sister Eva’s wedding to Eric Drimmer, Anthony Eden, the secretary of state of Great Britain, officially invites the Belges to a London reception
? with her diplomatic passport she arrives in the States via India after a 4-month journey
41 divorces Belge in the States
one evening at Ciro’s she meets hotel man Conrad Hilton
April 42 marries hotelier Conrad Hilton at the Hotel La Fonda in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He’s a devout Roman Catholic.
? soon they have a talk about her spending habits. Finally, Hilton allows her $250 a month.
? is seven months pregnant by Conrad Hilton when she sees George Sanders in The Moon and Sixpence and announces that he will be her next husband
Early 47 divorces Hilton
April 47 meets George Sanders and his companion, author Erich Maria Remarque, at a cocktail party in Manhattan
47 her daughter Francesca is born after the divorce from Hilton has become final. Francesca will become an actress.
March 49 under the name of Sari Gabor, she is a Hollywood twosome with George Sanders; they admit they are engaged but have set no wedding date
2 April 49 marries George Sanders in Las Vegas
Summer 51 purchases an expensive summer wardrobe in the hope of traveling to England with her husband
George Sander’s brother, actor Tom Conway, suggests her for the guest panel on “Bachelor’s Heaven”
while dancing at the Mocambo nightclub, director Mervyn LeRoy asks her to his table and offers her a part in his upcoming Lovely to Look At
enters a business liaison with famed publicist Russell Birdwell
October 51 in one month she’s on the covers of Life, Collier’s, Paris Match, and the London Picture Post
51 while filming Moulin Rouge, director John Huston often humiliates her before the entire cast
April 52 attends an industry luncheon where MGM’s Dore Schary introduces Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to Hollywood
May 52 her fight with Corinne Calvet is not a genuine feud, rather another publicity stunt
in Los Angeles she announces that she’d like to have a romance with Porfirio Rubirosa, Dominican diplomat and renown playboy, to take revenge for the relationship that her husband, George Sanders, supposedly had with Doris Duke, the ex-wife of Rubi and, as heiress to a tobacco fortune, richest woman in the States
Winter 52 Rubirosa accompanies his friend, Ramfis Trujillo, son of the Dominican dictator, to New York, where they stay at the same hotel as Zsa Zsa, The Plaza. Rubirosa has her room filled with red roses. Shortly thereafter, Rubirosa rents a room next to hers and eventually talks her into opening the connecting door.
? meets 42-year-old Rubirosa at the elevator of New York’s Plaza Hotel
on the first night she spends with Rubi, her husband George sends a midnight cable: “I miss you terribly. I love you, I love you, I love you.”
53 for $500,000 she and her sisters, Eva and Magda, perform at the Frontier Casino in Las Vegas
August 53 dates handsome playboy-diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa
? during an argument over his plans to marry Barbara Hutton, heiress to the Woolworth fortune and second richest girl in the States, Rubirosa sends a right-hand punch into Zsa Zsa’s eye. At her press conference the following day she explains: "Rubi loves me. Rubirosa in Spanish means red rose, for me it means black eye. A man only hits a woman if he loves her deeply."
30 October 53 Sanders sends her a letter of nonsupport
Late 53 Rubirosa and Barbara Hutton announce their engagement
December 53 celebrates the Christmas holidays with a lump on her forehead the size of the Hope Diamond; she says she fell, but insiders claim Rubirosa socked her after she turned him down. He claims: "I’m fed up with Zsa Zsa. I’m going to marry Barbara Hutton!“
? Russell Birdwell drops her from his client list
? is off to Phoenix, Arizona, for Three Ring Circus
30 December 53 Rubirosa marries Barbara Hutton but spends part of their honeymoon with Zsa Zsa. To be with her in Phoenix, Arizona, he flies in his private airplane, which he bought for $200,000. Part of the money is from the $250,000 which Hutton deposited in his personal account.
at the Jokake Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rubirosa registers under the name of William Perkins to trick reporters who are after him and Zsa Zsa
January 54 she’s constantly on the verge of divorcing George Sanders
she "wishes them well“ when told of the Hutton-Rubirosa marriage
? while staying with Barbara Hutton at Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel, Rubi meets Zsa Zsa again
20 February 54 Rubirosa’s marriage to Hutton dissolves, after his going to hotels, beach houses, and mountain cabins with Zsa Zsa.
March 54 sends condolences when Rubirosa and Hutton split
? Rubi’s fling with Barbara Hutton lasts 73 days
2 April 54 receives an interlocutory divorce decree from Sanders in Los Angeles. Jerry Giesler is handling her case. Sanders is on location in Spain. He will marry her sister Magda in 1970.
June 54 is supposed to have received a black eye from Rubirosa
April 55 intends to make a Western movie with boyfriend Rubirosa, even if they have to go to Mexico to film it. The film will be called The Western Affair and will be partly produced by Republic Pictures. Rubirosa will be Don Castillo, elegant gambler and owner of a bar who falls in love with a French countess portrayed by Zsa Zsa. The project is killed when the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services refuses to issue a worker‘s permit for Rubirosa.
55 her affair with Rubirosa dissolves. He will marry 19-year-old French actress Odile Rodin in 1956 and die in 1965, when his Ferrari crashes into a tree on the Avenue de la Reine Marguerite in Paris.
June 55 attends the celebrity benefit sessions at the Mocambo with Franchot Tone
? pours champagne down the front of Franchot Tone’s dinner clothes when her escort refuses to defend her honor in public at a nightclub in New York
August 55 for old-times' sake, her ex-husband Conrad Hilton allows her a special rate in all of his hotels
56 announces she will marry Hal Hayes
April 58 Rubirosa sends her a Mercedes Benz as a thank-you for showing his nephew around Hollywood
June 58 she is introduced by Rubi to Lieutenant General Rafael “Ramfis” Trujillo, the 22-year-old son of the dictator of the Dominican Republic, who presents her with an $11,500 Mercedes and a $17,500 sable coat.
21 June 58 she and her friend Kim Novak are guests at an introductory reception given by Ramfis on his yacht Angelita. Dominican soldiers are posted around it. The next night, the yacht moves to Santa Monica Harbor to be closer to the homes of Zsa Zsa and Kim.
while she’s rehearsing for "The George Gobel Show" at NBC-Burbank, Ramfis presents her with an $11,500 red Mercedes convertible.The car is flown on a chartered plane from Kansas, where Trujillo is attending the War College. Fellow actress Kim Novak gets an $8,400 sports car.
soon thereafter she’s Ramfis’ guest in New Orleans
? when it’s revealed that the U.S. is giving the Dominican Republic $1,300,000 in economic aid, there is talk of a Congressional investigation, and the army school refuses to give Ramfis his diploma. Finally, he will return in disgrace, and his wife, with six kids, will sue him for divorce.
c. 58 like Kim Novak and Joan Collins, she is a frequent guest on Trujillo’s yacht, anchored at Long Beach
October 58 explains that the convertible car from Lt.-General Trujillo came first. She was cold, driving with the top down - so, naturally, he bought her a chinchilla.
November 58 explains her breaking up with Ramfis Trujillo due to the fact that she can’t afford to be silly anymore due to her career
decides her daughter, Francesca, will go to an American college
18 December 58 wears her famous chinchilla at the premiere of Some Came Running
Late 50s is frequently seen with millionaire contractor Hal Hays
59 becomes senior vice president and voting member of Hays’ company
Early 60 Hays gives her a massive platinum, 25 carat diamond engagement ring, which costs $250,000. Gossip calls the item the "Zsa Zsa Diamond." The ring will later show up in a court battle over a construction dispute of Hays'.
31 October 6? causes a scandal when appearing with flamboyant builder and multimillionaire Hal Hays at a Beverly Hills party given by his former fiancée, the notoriously serious and stuffy Merle Oberon, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford II
61 publishes her autobiography, My Story, co-written by Gerold Frank
? has a few casual dinners with President John F. Kennedy
5 / 9 November 62 marries Herbert L. Hutner, chairman of the board at Struthers Wells Corporation, in New York City
? causes a scandal at Princess Grace’s extravaganza for the International Red Cross in Monaco when British aristocrat Mrs. Hannah Marcow allegedly pushes her and her daughter, Francesca, while disembarking from the plane that carried them to Monaco
65 withdraws the slander suit following her Riviera rhubarb with Hannah Marcow
3 March 66 divorces Hutner in Juarez, Mexico. He will marry starlet-model Juli Reding in November 1969.
9 March 66 marries Texas oilman Joshua Cosden, Jr., in Los Angeles
18 October 67 divorces Cosden in Juarez, Mexico
September 68 slaps a young bellboy at the Ritz Hotel in London during an argument over hotel towels
? has a hysterical spat with employees at the Palacio Hotel in Lisbon; they refuse to take her $500 check in payment. Afterwards, in Mallorca, she’s taken off the plane to London when trying to leave without having paid her hotel bill and $3,500 spent on clothes.
Autumn 68 at a press conference given in a London hotel suite overlooking Hyde Park, she claims someone is out to kill her
Late 60s begins dating her ex, George Sanders, again
Autumn 69 causes a blowup when scheduled to appear in “Here Come Stars,” hosted by George Jessel, when she refuses to show up before getting a manicurist, a dresser, and a cream cheese sandwich on dark pumpernickel. Later she will claim breach of contract.
? buys a mansion on Bel Air Road, originally built for billionaire Howard Hughes
70 performing at The Flamingo, she returns to Las Vegas after a pause. Actresses Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Jeanne Crain, Margaret O’Brien, and Arlene Dahl attend ringside.
72 visits George Sanders in Spain two weeks before his suicide by an overdose
21 January 75 / 6 October 76 marries millionaire inventor Jack Ryan in the bridal suite at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. She’s 55; he’s 48. Ryan invented the Barbie Doll and the Sparrow III missile, among others.
the Ryans honeymoon in London
she moves into her husband’s 40-room Tudor mansion in Beverly Hills
77 divorces Ryan and marries her divorce lawyer, Michael O`Hara, the same year
82 divorces O`Hara
December 82 at a polygraph session she has to tell if she married her men for money only. That television special is never aired.
13 April 83 marries Mexican realtor and playboy Felipe DeAlba for one day. She introduces him as the Duke of Alba, but the marriage proves to be illegal since she wasn’t divorced.
February 84 Merv Griffin signs her and her sister Eva for a television series called “Two Hungarian Maids,” but all the networks turn it down
June 84 rides in a celebrity polo match in Los Angeles
August 86 marries German prince Frederick von Anhalt. This marriage awards her the title of Princess of Anhalt, Duchess of Saxony.
89 hits the news with her court battle after being charged with slapping a police officer, driving without a valid license, and having an open bottle of Jack Daniels in her Rolls-Royce. Finally, she has to pay $13,000 in fines and spends 72 hours in jail.
93 she and her husband are sentenced to pay $2 million to actress Elke Sommer because of false accusations
27 November 02 is a passenger in an auto accident. She is initially reported as being in a coma, but she is actually conscious at the time medical assitance arrives.
Early January 03 leaves the hospital after recuperating from an auto accident, but she will require continued physical therapy and a wheelchair. She is bedridden due to partial paraylsis.
7 July 05 suffers a massive stroke, leaving her in critical condition at a local hospital. She undergoes surgery to remove a blockage in her cartoid artery.
15 July 05 returns home from the hospital
Early September 07 undergoes surgery to deal with after-effects of her previous stroke
18 September 07 aged 90, she undergoes surgery to treat a leg infection, which developed as a result of her immobility
25 January 09 the Associated Press reports that attorney Chris Fields has stated that forensic accountants determined that Gabor may have lost as much as $10 million invested with swindler Bernard Madoff, possibly through a third-party money manager. Marcus Prinz von Anhalt, German nightclub owner and adopted son of Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, reportedly provided significant financial assistance to the couple. However, the official New York Bankruptcy Court victims documents do not show Zsa Zsa Gabor as a victim. An attorney for Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband claims that Gabor may have lost the money because of Madoff.
17 July 10 falls out of bed when reaching to answer the phone while watching her favorite television program, “Jeopardy,” at her home in Bel Air. Her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt calls an ambulance and she is taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. “It's a complicated thing,” he said. “It was an accident and she is not that young any more.” She has broken bones, including her hip, and a concussion.
24 July 10 is in critical condition after undergoing hip replacement surgery earlier in the week. It is revealed that her eyes are open, but she isn't communicative. Doctors fear that she may have suffered a stroke. On Friday, her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt confirmed to Fox News at a press conference she wasn't responding to those around her. "The doctors want to observe her over the weekend to make sure her condition improves, but right now it is not looking good.

her publicist, John Blanchette said: “Her body is fragile but her mind is strong. She's a fighter, and we're hopeful that things will work out well."
7 August 10 her recovery from hip replacement surgery has been slower than predicted, but her daughter disputes a report that the actress "suffered a setback" Saturday. "She is no different than she was from yesterday or the day before," Francesca Hilton, who was at her mother's hospital bedside, said Saturday. She was awake watching TV and eating, Hilton said.

Von Anhalt , meanwhile, said that his wife "went into shock" Saturday morning, delaying her release from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center that had been planned for this weekend. She is now expected to return home on Monday. He said Hilton would not know of her mother's condition because he has told doctors not to talk to her. The two have had a cold relationship in recent years that included a legal fight over a mortgage on Gabor's Bel Air mansion.
12 August 10 returns home from the hospital. Her husband tells reporters that “she smiled already and started flirting with the guys who took her home. When she starts flirting, she is in good shape. At home here, with the environment and the air up here, we have lots of oxygen, and everything is clean. There's not lots of nurses and doctors hanging around." He also says that his wife is strong and “can go on for many more years."
14 August 10 is rushed back to the hospital in order to remove two blood clots in her upper body, one very close to her heart; the surgery lasts several hours. Doctors want to perform surgery on her liver that would give her a 50-50 chance survival rate, but she and her husband decide she will spend her final days at home, according to publicist John Blanchette. At her request, she is given the last rites. She is conscious during the ceremony, but can speak very little. Her husband is at her side; they celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary in hospital.
19 August 10 her husband is bedridden after collapsing at the Beverly Hills home where his ailing wife is spending her “final days.” Yesterday evening he began to feel dizzy and “blacked out.” A source says he is suffering from exhaustion and is not able to use his arm right now. "It’s really bruised up.” Von Anhalt, thought to be age 65, has cared for his 93-year-old wife since she began suffering from complications following hip surgery in July.
31 August 10 is taken back to the hospital in an ambulance after experiencing flu-like symptoms and body pain. The emergency lights of the ambulance are not flashing, an indication that her life is not in immediate danger.
2 September 10 is back home and resting. Her husband tells a German newspaper he wants to plastinate her body when she dies and then put her on show. He wants to preserve her body so her beauty will last forever. “My wife has always dreamt that her beauty would be immortal. I would like to show the plastinated body of Zsa Zsa Gabor in the context of a scene in one of her films.” He would like German anatomist Gunther von Hagens to perform the procedure on his wife after von Hagens’ exhibitions showed plastinated bodies with just muscles and tendons still intact.
12 November 10 is admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital earlier today after a doctor visited her at home and found massive blood clots in her legs, which could make her vulnerable to a heart attack. Her husband said her leg was “swollen as hell.”
13 Novembe 10 returns home. She is being treated with intravenous antibiotics and is also taking oral medication for a separate blood infection. Her husband, Von Anhalt, says if the infections don't clear up within a week, Gabor could undergo surgery. He also said Gabor is in stable condition, and she has two round-the-clock nurses to take care of her.
21 December 10 the Health and Retirement Fund division of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists reportedly cancelled her pension benefits because it thought she had died. “Zsa Zsa’s pension from AFTRA hadn’t been paid since September, so I called them to see what was going on and they told me that Zsa Zsa was listed as deceased,”said her husband. “A person at AFTRA told me that they sent a letter to the house – which we never got – asking about her status and when they didn’t get a response, they listed her as dead.”
later in the day her husband is rushed to the emergency room. He mistakenly picked up a bottle of nail glue thinking they were eye drops and managed to glue one of his eyes shut. He underwent a surgical procedure to un-stick his eye and was given painkillers for the pain.
3 January 11 her publicist, John Blanchette, said she would continue receiving treatment at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center over the next couple days. Her husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, brought her to the hospital last night and doctors thought they might have to amputate part of her right leg below the knee because of the onset of gangrene. "The lesion is apparently very deep. They're afraid it may be into the bone, which would not be good," Blanchette said. "Before taking that drastic measure, they want to give it one last chance with some really powerful antibiotics." Blanchette added that the lesion has grown from about an inch a couple months ago to almost a foot now.
doctors had wanted her to check into the hospital before the holidays, but she was "yelling and screaming" that she wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve at home with the usual champagne and caviar
14 January 11 about three-fourths of her right leg is amputated. An MRI revealed that an infection in her leg had spread into the bone, which could have led to death. Her husband gave the okay for the operation.
15 January 11 her husband says the actress is smiling and talking, a day after doctors amputated most of her right leg. Frederic Prinz von Anhalt said Saturday that Gabor is heavily sedated and does not yet know that her leg has been removed. He says he'll tell her when she regains more of her strength. He says she will likely spend up to four weeks in hospital.
February 11 her husband announces plans to auction off her treasured fur coat collection to help boost their funds
14 April 11 her husband wants her to become a mother again using an egg donor, artificial insemination and a surrogate mother. "I've gone through the initial steps of donor matching and blood work and next week the donation process will begin," von Anhalt said. Gabor's only child, Francesca Hilton, described herself as shocked when told of the plan Thursday saying, "That's just weird." Von Anhalt said he is working with Dr. Mark Surry of the Southern California Reproductive Center in Beverly Hills.
7 June 11 while she lies in hospital recovering from her latest medical setback, her Bel Air home goes up for sale with an asking price of $15 million. The house, built in 1955, boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a pool, real estate agent Christophe Choo said. Her husband first talked about selling the house in January, saying it was too big for the couple. He said at the time he wanted $28 million for the house, but Choo said on Tuesday that price was unrealistic.
Gabor has said in the past that the house was once lived in by Elvis Presley and that it was originally built for aviator and industrialist Howard Hughes, but Choo said he could find no records to support those claims.
Her husband wants to move to a high rise near the hospital or a gated community," spokesman John Blanchette said.
now bedridden and having lost her ability to speak after a stroke, she recently recovered from another bout of pneumonia but has been in hospital again for about a week with an infection at the site of a feeding tube, Blanchette said.
12 June 11 glamorous garments from her wardrobe are going under the hammer to raise money to cover mounting medical bills. Designer dresses, including the floral frock she wore when she famously slapped a police officer in the face in 1989, and French antiques will be up for grabs in a Julien’s Auctions event later this year. A sculpture of a horse, purchased for $150,000 by her fourth husband Herbert Hunter in the 1960s, is also up for auction.
19 June 11 is home again, having been released from the hospital a little over a week ago, where she awoke from a coma three weeks prior. Photographed in a white and black robe, she is propped up in bed, toasting her husband with a glass of champagne on his 68th birthday. Says her hubby: “She doesn't want to suffer any more and I don't want her to suffer any more. But she is happier.”
20 June 11 in hospital again, she is visited by her daughter, whom she does not recognize
26 July 11 her husband splashes out tens of thousands of dollars on what could easily be the tackiest anniversary present ever – a giant billboard on Sunset Boulevard to mark the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. The 45ft by 15ft sign shows their original wedding picture and proclaims: “Prince Frederic and Princess Zsa Zsa – 25 years and counting.”
Frederic says: “What is my wife going to do with a piece of jewellery? She wouldn’t like it. She wouldn’t like it at all. She has been on her sickbed for nine years and last year she had her leg amputated. I always ask her what she wants and she always says champagne and caviar, but she always gets that, so it’s not a present. I wanted to do something special. We were talking about when I ran for governor and I said ‘let’s do something crazy again,’ and that’s when I had this idea, so she can see it on the television. It’s costing me $68,000 a month but being married to Zsa Zsa for 25 years, it’s worth it. To be married to her for this long is priceless.”
he says she has not seen a picture of the billboard yet, as he wants her to see it when it is on television. He added, “She loved the idea. She loves showbusiness so much. On Friday we had Ben Affleck and George Clooney shooting a film in the house. If we had told her George Clooney was here she would have jumped out of bed on one leg.”
when they recently spoke about the anniversary, Frederic claims his wife said: “Darling, it’s hard to believe! It’s a miracle!”
the billboard is being officially unveiled later this week, ahead of the party next month. They have invited 50 guests to their mansion for a party on the afternoon of their anniversary, at which a cake by Wolfgang Puck will be served. The star-studded guestlist includes Quincy Jones, Kirk Douglas and his wife, Kirk Kerkorian, Nancy Reagan, Angie Dickinson, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Doris Roberts, Larry King and Laine Kazan.
Zsa Zsa will have her hair and make-up done by Beverly Hills hairdresser Guiseppe Franco, and Raju Rasiah, a top jeweller, is lending her a ruby and sapphire necklace for the party
14 August 11 celebrates her 25th wedding anniversary at home, where her husband has invited a host of media and Hollywood stars. She is seen lying in her bed wearing her favorite pink dress with silver star shapes all over it.
Von Anhalt tells KABC Television: “This party I wanted it to be special, I wanted it to be like 25 years ago when we got married, we celebrated like that. Look, my wife is 94-year-old. She should have everything she wants and she should have everything large. This big party is not for the guests, not for the media, not for me. This big party is for Zsa Zsa. She looks good, she has make-up, she has her hair done, and she has a little tiara. She has a beautiful favorite pink dress with silver on it. She loves it. When we put the dress on this morning she smiled all over, she was so happy. She looks really good for what she went through...'I want her to be happy. I want her to feel there's another big day.”
among the 70 guests at the couple's party are music superstar Quincy Jones, Frank Stallone (younger brother of Sylvester),Phyllis Diller, and controversial actor Robert Blake
the actress has been instructed to remain in her bedroom, where party goers go to congratulate her for her 25 years of marriage
her husband adds: “She's the only thing I have, if she dies I don't have anybody else to live for. She does not want to be left alone. I sleep in a couch with my feet dangling, but that's okay, we made promises that we would take care of each other until the end. I know she would do the same for me.”
8 October 11 is rushed to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after losing consciousness at home. A feeding tube dislodged from her stomach, which caused internal bleeding around the tube and a high fever.
9 October 11 surgery is performed, but it is not considered a complete success. Doctors say they are “guardedly optimistic.” Her husband remains optimistic, too, saying he hopes to have her home by Wednesday.
12 October 11 representative John Blanchette says there are new concerns that the feeding tube may not be secure, infection could develop, and further surgery may be required
18 December 16 dies at age 99 from a heart attack at her home in Bel-Air, Los Angeles
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